Card Making Creativity Workshop

A fun informative, experiental workshop with Suzie

This for those who are ready to really tap into their creativity and share from your heart – the first part of the workshop will be on ways you can really create from your heart. Plus increasing your trust in your Intuition 

( no you don’t have to be an artist)

Who is this for?

  • Those who want to untap their creative heart and
  • Yearn to make your own deck
  • Be Open to being guided
  • Those who think I am not creative

Who is it NOT for?

  • Those who want a cookie clutter solution and
  • Want to oursource the creative/art process
  • If you want a done for you solution

What You will Receive

  • A 90 Minute Interactive Workshop
  • New ways to be creative
  • Opening Your Creative Heart and your Intuition
  • Make the shift from your Head to you heart
  • Get Clear on why you want to make a deck of cards
  • Really hone in on your vision for your cards
  • Let you inner child out to play 
  • Your Investment $47

Why Work with Suzie?

We had so much fun in the retreat I attended the other week! It was such a beautiful balance with the rest of the more rigid structure and processes to be able to simply move into innocence and play and allow our creative juices to flow.Suzie is a gifted facilitator as she is totally immersed in the world of creativity and art and it oozes out of her in spades as it’s her absolute passion and joy.If ever you get a chance to attend one of her experiential events no matter how short don’t think twice.We all need to return to a space of no mind and let go more often, and even if you think you might have creative blocks, Suzie has the skill and lightness of being to move you through them.

Suzie is a Heart Centred woman with a gift for releasing any thing that needs to be released. She gives her all and creates a safe place to allow you to RE energize and recalibrate. If you are looking for someone to reignite you I recommend you invest in Suzies monthly recalibrate sessions xx.

feel so privileged to have gotten the opportunity to do a workshop with Suzie. I was a little nervous at first to be doing a painting, since it has been quite a long time since using my creativity in this capacity.

Suzie helped by making the whole process so simple, settling the nerves and in the end I was super happy with what I created.

Thanks to Suzie, she has shown me another playful way of expressing myself, that I intend on using more as I go forward. 

Your life will be richer from her example and wisdom. I was privileged to be one of her students. Wow what a awareness. 



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