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Are You Ready for Change?

Are You Ready to Listen to Your Heart and Shine?

Are You Ready for Your Perceived Challenges to Effortlessly Melt Away?

Are You Ready to Know What it REALLY means to Love YOU?

You have a gift to share with the world. You probably know what it is (even if you have not thought about it for a long time!)

Yet there is a little voice inside with an unloving message that holds you back.

The message might sound like:

I am not enough.

It’s too late for me.

What if I fail?

I don’t deserve it.

I don’t have what it takes.

I have to take care of everyone else.

I don’t have enough time/money/skills/talent.

I’m not creative.



My name is Suzie Cheel and I am the Love Yourself Now Coach, an artist, healer and author. My clients come to me with these very messages buried within them, which often manifest as procrastination, giving up, missed opportunities, health challenges, and financial struggle.


My passion is helping you connect to the loving messages inside so you can truly Love YOU!

Love You Coaching combines my experience as an intuitive artist, Law of Attraction Facilitator, creative spiritual coach, trained Angel Intuitive, and inspirational author, to bring forward the very best tools I have studied and developed for achieving deep self-love and fulfilling your dreams..

My work as a former Early Childhood Teacher deeply informs the philosophy of my approach in coaching.

And I know the importance of creativity in our lives. I also know how quickly creativity in children is “educated out of them”.

Remember back to when you were a child and each day was full of joy and you played, you drew, you painted, you made mud pies, built sand castles and you imagined wonderful things.

You were creative. And Yes You Still Are !

Then one day you no longer woke up full of joy, each day was not a delight, your creativity had faded as had your self-esteem.

But that creativity is not gone. It is waiting to be rediscovered and set free.

And in the process you can re-capture and renew your self-esteem.

Which is why creativity, play, and inner child work are the special ingredients of my Love You Coaching.

Love You Coaching is my proven approach to help clients develop and LIVE in self-love.

And with self-love comes the confidence and energy to engage with the change you want to make and share your gifts with the world..
So if you are yearning for change in any area of your life – your health, your business, your money, your spirituality, your relationships –
Love You Coaching gives you a path and a process to make that happen and to manifest the love-filled life you want to live.

The special Love You Laser Coaching session I am offering now allows you to experience, in one highly focused hour, the possibilities that await you once you have tapped into your inner creativity and moved towards a deep self-love and self-esteem.


How does this work?

We will meet on Skype and you will receive:


An angel card reading I am a trained Angel Intuitive with Doreen Virtue and I use a variety of her decks. You get to choose the deck I read from (choice of 3). I then provide a reading from the cards.

The reading will determine the area of your life that you wish to work on in this session right now. You will work with me, using the Clarity through Contrast exercise, to reach a crystal-clear understanding of what you want to achieve. Many people have found that this apparently simple process can produce amazing results. That will help you move forward very quickly.

After the session I will send you a picture of the reading and any tools I share 

You will leave this session with a plan you can start on today to apply what you have discovered about your purpose and what you must do to achieve it.

Love You, Love Your Life 


Working with you has been very helpful to me!  Even though I’ve been a student of these principles for a long time, the clarity that was uncovered today was inspiring!  I so appreciate all that you did in helping me to see the places where I was stumbling. That knowledge alone, is worth a fortune!  I have new vision and am much clearer on my path. Thanks so much!!!! – Deborah – Singer/ Artist April 2013

annetteI trusted Suzie right at the start – you know immediately that you’re ’safe’ with Suzie and she has your best interests at heart.
I was able to get much clearer on an issue that’s been bothering me for years from ONE session, and then – as my day went on, so did the Clarity on how to turn things around! I know that continuing with Suzie is the best thing I could for myself right now.
It’s amazing how a few well-thought out questions from an expert can work so much to your advantage.
I will tell you that you need to bring three things to the table when you are being coached on Clarity with Suzie Cheel: You need to be honest – with yourself (not always easy) AND Suzie (much easier)
You need to have an open mind and listen to what she says Paper and pen. Write down what she asks you to – it works
–   Annette Pedersen- LOA Ambassador



 Love You Love Your Life

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