Creative Wellness

“Your Creative Path To Your Abundant Health”

Untap Your Inner Creative Child

I hear you say I am not creative! What has creativity got to do with wellness?

Remember back to when you were a child and each day was full of joy and you played, you drew, you painted, you made mud pies, built sand castles and you imagined wonderful things. You were creative. Then one day you no longer woke up full of joy, each day was not a delight, your creativity had faded as had your self-esteem.

I know as a former Early Childhood Teacher the importance of creativity in one’s life. I also know how quickly creativity in children is “educated out of them”

Creativity presents itself in many forms besides what we traditionally think of drawing, painting, singing, poetry, writing…………

Creativity can be cooking, dancing, making products, building and more. 

We are all born creative. Rediscovering our creativity can have a huge benefit for our self esteem and we know how important self-esteem is for our overall well being, our health, our prosperity and abundance.

Are you ready to let your inner child out to play? You know, the Creative You, the one that loves to play.

I have put together a fun package that will help you take those first steps towards the Creative You. You can apply this to your health, your wellness and your weight. This will help you on your path to abundance and prosperity. You can look forward to feeling vibrant each day. One of the things that I find working with clients is that in order for their health to improve and the pounds to fall away is that there need to be some inner work, usually on self love. That has been my experience as you heard on the Summit

How does this work?

We will meet on skype for 60 minutes and you will receive:

  1. An angel card reading- I am a trained Angel intuitive with Doreen Virtue and I use a variety of her decks. You get to choose the deck I read from (choice of 3).
  2. The reading will determine the area of your health that you wish to work on and we will do an exercise to make sure you have clarity about what you do want. This will help you move forward quickly.
  3. We will then make your creative vibrational plan for 2013. This is a dynamic planning tool that allows for expansion as a result of what you place your attention on: Deliberate Attraction. You might make this for 

Value of the package is $297. Super Special offer today for Weight loss and Wellness Summit 2013 participants $ 97. This offer is available until January 31st 2011
You will leave this session with a plan you can start on today to become The Creative You and be on the path to your abundant life.


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