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Jacqui Be
Inspirational Author and Speaker,

Being part of this program was an honour. Suzie takes an over complicated process and simplifies it for anyone to understand and apply right away in their lives. You will discover action steps that will have you attracting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want! Thank you Suzie – Nick Pereira Founder of The Freedompreneur Club

Suzie Cheel is wise, insightful and talented at helping others get clarity on the contents of one’s heart. During my sessions, Suzie came up with a plan that has helped me find direction in a time of transition. I felt her advice was spot on! I highly recommend working with her. She’s simply filled with empathy and love!- Tess Marshall The Bold Life

I trusted Suzie right at the start – you know immediately that you’re ’safe’ with Suzie and she has your best interests at heart.
I was able to get much clearer on an issue that’s been bothering me for years from ONE session, and then – as my day went on, so did the Clarity on how to turn things around! I know that continuing with Suzie is the best thing I could for myself right now.
It’s amazing how a few well-thought out questions from an expert can work so much to your advantage.
I will tell you that you need to bring three things to the table when you are being coached on Clarity with Suzie Cheel:
You need to be honest – with yourself (not always easy) AND Suzie (much easier)
You need to have an open mind and listen to what she says Paper and pen. Write down what she asks you to – it works

– Annette Pedersen,  Healer

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