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Heart Whisper Reading

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get some real insight into your present situation and possibilities?
Imagine being helped to tap into your best inner wisdom and seeing a clear path forward to your joyful life.
How good will it be when you see what has blocked your joy for so long just fading away.

But you’ve already tried lots of programs and processes and you’re still stuck in a rut.

A Intuitive card reading is a perfect vehicle to shed light on your current situation

I am a trained Angel Intuitive and have created my own Heart Whisper Daily Guidance oracle cards.

I just want to rave about my reading with Suzie Cheel. The call was intense with such heart felt feelings and connection. I really connected so much with Suzie it was really nice. Her reading was down to earth, giving very valuable advice. You are just so beautiful! Just seeing your face on live I already feel that connection! You have really been chosen by the universe to do the work you are doing. Thank you ever so much.!

Yesterday I had a reading with Suzie, being an intuitive and medium myself and also being an extremely introspective empath, I kinda thought there wasn’t much I needed to know: I’m always sure things will work out for the best and what’s meant to be will be… But I have to say, Suzie went deep into the layers that are not of my own conscious awareness and lifted something out that has been creating a massive block I acknowledge, but didn’t know what to do to heal.
Not only was her reading inspiring and uplifting, the healing she provided was profound!
I think you may be the Healers healer Suzie!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I have shifted to a new level instantly!!

How it Works

With an Oracle Card Reading the aim is to help you gain insight into a current issue of importance to you. The reading can touch on your past and future as well as the now.The cards I use are my own Heart Whisper Cards, each of which has one of my heart paintings and some words of guidance, encouragement and so on.
Where: we meet on Skype – video or audio – at a time that works for both of us.
We talk briefly and I ask you to center yourself and focus on the issue on which you want guidance.

If you have had readings before you will know how the process works. If not, be assured it’s quite simple and I will explain it as we go. You don’t have to really “do” anything but stay calm, centered and open to what comes.
I will then shuffle the cards focusing on the reading being for your highest good. I then share the 3 cards I have drawn with you and we will then explore how this relates to your issue with ways you can move forward from here with clarity.
Following the reading, I send you a recording with a picture of the cards and my notes from the session, to support you in moving forward.

Imagine if:

Just by taking the time out to have this reading you gain a fresh, deeper understanding of your present situation, how it came about and how you can create a more attractive future. Through this process of being open to a fresh perspective, you see what has been blocking you and how to move past that. You are re-energized and back on track to pursue your dreams with confidence and enthusiasm.



Thank you so very much for my gorgeous Heart Whisper reading for 2016 Suzie. Just love your beautiful cards and was really touched by the extra insight your heart whispered to me. I’m so glad you’re sharing your wisdom and words with the world and your beautiful art just raises the vibration of the message, so powerful. Much love xxx My reading with Suzie Cheel was such a powerful confirmation for me. I love her cards and her energy: we are blessed to have her on our tribe You can have a deck of your own for guidance or give one as a beautiful gift.

I have just had the most enlightening reading with Suzie Cheel. It was spot on to what is happening in my life right now. The reading has given me the  wisdom on how to move forward and enjoy the freedom it will give me. It has made me feel excited and light. Thanks again Suzie




I am looking forward to helping you get more

♥ Clarity ♥  FUN ♥ LOVE ♥  ABUNDANCE ♥ Vibrant HEALTH ♥ 

into your life.

With love and in abundance always




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