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Click on the image to play the video (it is 6.2 minutes playing time)emergings

I am currently working on relaunching Emergings: A Meditation on the Emotions of Change  on kindle with a new cover.

You can purchase the  ebook here.

The book is currently available on Create Space and Amazon. There is a hardback version at Blurb. You can see a preview below.

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Praise For The Book

“Emergings contains such a basic and fundamental truth! It really condenses so many of the core teachings of Buddhism into a poem! See, everything is accelerating, energies are becoming less dense, and we are understanding more of how the universe operates….and you saw it more than 23 years ago!”- E.Dee Conrad author of A New Dawn Awaits/

Suzie – your book EMERGINGS is as magical as you are! Your heartfelt, authentic words from Spirit, combined with the power punch of your rainbow paintings radiate through all my senses expanding my heart and raising my vibrational energy to soaring heights! You are the „real deal? Suzie and anyone who reads this book, or even has the privilege of setting their eyes on one of your fabulous colorful works of art will undeniably be blessed and inspired! Thank you for having the willingness and courage to live and share your world with us! ”- Stephanie Rainbow Bell author of Beautiful At Any Size

“More than just a collection of art pictures, Suzie’s book is a work of love. She connects with her words, brushstrokes and heart.
She captures beautifully the essence of moment-to-moment awareness in her illustrations. The unfolding process is one to
behold. I like how the book comes together, with an end that is harmonious with the start. Her book is a certainly an insightful peek into the ebb and flow of life. Thumbs up!!” – Evelyn Lim, author of Abundance Alchemy

Suzie Cheel’s book is more a ‘work of art’ than just a book. I was amazed at how effortlessly she combined her inspirational words and beautiful paintings to flow perfectly. It is a joy to read and I found myself going back through SEVERAL times. It is something I want to share with others and would make a beautiful and thoughtful gift.”- Jenny Mannion author of Heal Pain Naturally

Suzie Cheel’s book will carry you through it like light and water. The words will draw you through the gentle and piercing thoughts of life being lived and the colors that surround it. You won’t notice that you’re reading, because you’re not — you’re listening to the softness of another person’s thoughts. – Liz Strauss~Successful Blog, Founder of Sob Con

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