You’ve  achieved success in your field and now you’re wondering,”Is that all there is?”

You like the status and benefits your success has brought, you know you have more to contribute, but you feel hemmed in by your current role.
You’ve spent a lot of years supporting and encouraging others, and now you feel it’s time for you to break clear and follow your own path.
Personal circumstances and experiences are leading you to question the worth of what you are doing now and think about alternatives.

But the time doesn’t seem right for any major change.

Right now you have more work than you know what to do with and there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.

You would love to have time to hang out with friends and enjoy long, leisurely conversations, but that would mean you have to stop bringing work home on weekends.

There might have been a time when you thought your 12 hour work day was normal, but now you know it’s crazy unsustainable.

I totally understand.

I was where you are.

Then I had a wakeup call.



  • I got sick – a major auto immune failure
  • I had a near death experience
  • I had to find my own path back to health – not easy!
  • What made the difference was I had to learn to really listen to my own heart calling me, guiding me
  • I had to learn to fully love myself
  • I had to learn to trust my own intuition

As a successful entrepreneur with a background in teaching and post-graduate qualifications in social communication, I work with women who have achieved success in their chosen fields and now want to:

Feel fully in control of their future, not at others’ beck and call

Deal effectively and lastingly with any troubling health issues

Know that what they are spending their time on is making a difference

Enjoy fulfilling relationships

Have more joy, more continuously, in their lives

I believe everyone has the power – and the obligation – to take full responsibility for their own lives and their own health and happiness.

Because when you step up and decide to take full control of your own life journey,  you’ll experience a great boost to your self-esteem, have more joy, with increasingly better health, and begin to attract more of the best people into your life.

When you work with me

You’ll have access to the skills I’ve acquired and lessons I’ve learned as a teacher and college lecturer, entrepreneur and creative artist, with post graduate qualifications in social communications, and as a successful businesswoman.

Plus the powerful lessons about patience, courage, resilience, self-love and self-healing I had to learn as part of my recovering from that near-death experience.

As we work together

I’ll help you get the clarity you want about your current situation and options for the future. I’ll work with you to uncover and resolve any limiting beliefs, feelings of self-doubt or lack of self-esteem. I’ll give you the tough love you might need to combine practical planning with big dreams.

By the time our work together is done, you’ll be totally clear about what you need to learn and do so as to make a successful transition from your current situation and create the future you desire for yourself – and deserve!

If you are ready to stop the “running fast and going nowhere” game, finally get clear about what you really want your life and your future to look like and be supported in taking the necessary action, click on the button below to grab a time in my schedule for a complimentary chat.