Hi I’m Suzie

I’m an award-winning artist.

In a former career I was an early childhood teacher and college lecturer. I enjoyed my work, but not the internal politics. I made a life-changing choice.

I left the security of the government education system – and the long annual holidays! – and set up my own art-focused business.

Over the next 15 years I created, single-handedly, a successful, multi 5 figure, textile art business.

I was designer, creator, producer, marketer, “Head of Sales”, and Chief Fixer of Everything, with my own label, Suzie Cheel Handpainted Originals.

That certainly kept me busy, but somehow I made time to acquire along the way a Graduate Diploma in Social Communication and a Master’s Degree in Applied Science (Social Ecology).

I also became a blogger and a daily user of social media, engaging with wonderful communities of creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs around the world.

But it wasn’t all roses. As for most people, there have been some BIG challenges, especially with my health. Thankfully, through long study and practice, I have discovered the external and inner resources to deal successfully with those challenges and get back to living a full and healthy life.

My art has played a big part in the healing process.

One result of that process has been my Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Cards.

I have been able to delight and inspire many people, through my art and through sharing my story of healing myself, especially and above all through learning to really love myself.

I wake each day with joy, gratitude, and enthusiasm.

My Mission

My mission is to inspire and empower others to open their hearts to love, dare to dream again, and boldly take action to reclaim their sense of self-worth, attract the abundance they deserve, and live purposeful, fulfilling lives.