heart-whisper-cardsReceive beautiful, insightful daily messages from your own heart with these exquisite oracle cards made with original vibrant artwork, inspired by my own life journey.

The Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Cards will help you to:

♥ Open your heart to daily joy

I made these Heart Whisper Oracle Cards to help you each day grow in love for yourself and spread that love. They do this by guiding you to listen to the whispers of your heart where your true wisdom lies. 

The Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle cards have been born from the whispers of my heart, each card is one of my own paintings from the series that I started back in 2011 as part of my healing process in recovering from a life-threatening illness.

 What’s Included?

 38 Oracle Cards,

 4 information cards, including how to use,

a postcard with a handwritten message

a purple gauze drawstring bag.

the cards come with in one my original artworks

 Free standard shipping

Learn to love yourself more with the Heart Whisper Oracle Cards. 

Have you seen these beautiful Heart Whisper Cards – by my dear friend Suzie Cheel – these cards are all original artworks inspired by Suzie’s own life journey, each card is beautiful, colourful. insightful and tactile – YES TACTILE – the cards are unlike any you have felt before, they have a silky amazing sensual feel, it is as though you are feeling the actual vibrancy and colour as well as receiving the beautiful messages from your own heart – worth checking them out and ordering a set – love Yantra xx 

One Happy Owner 

How To Use The Oracle Cards


Australian Cards


  with an original A5 Suzie heart whisper artwork


 Trust, trust, trust…..the Heart Whisper cards are working wonders in the world. Key there is that, unlike many other cards, is the unity they have. They are pure inspiration, no matter which cards you draw. Your messages as cards have it all over so many other decks: every one is a stand-alone positive message and yet they play together with such deep insightful messages  – Elsie Wilson, Artist

They are magic, and when you have your own.  Plus, when Suzie pulls one for you, it is powerful magic. These cards and Suzie’s coaching have changed my life.- Gala Daly


What a lovely progression: Joy, Imagine, Confidence… I’m thinking that when I listen to my heart and open to joy while picturing life as I truly desire it the confidence to create and allow it in emerges naturally! Thank you Suzie for always bringing me home to myself and my own heart.


Your Oracle Cards are even more beautiful in real life than they look on video (and they look FABULOUS on video). And they feel gorgeous, I love love love them.  And I’m going to use them every single day from now on. They are my most favourite thing in the world. Thank you so much lovely lady. And thank you for all your support. I’m so glad we found each other and created our special bond. Much love and big hugs


Unpacking Your Deck of Cards