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Manifest Your Heart’s  Desire


VIDEO 1: Read the Secret but still the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you?   Learn why and how you can quickly learn how to change that with a simple tool.

VIDEO 2: Learn how your life is filled with abundance you might not be seeing or feeling. Discover a simple tool to include the vibration of abundance more deliberately in your life. Panelists Nick and Jacqui will be sharing their success stories.

VIDEO 3: Celebrate your abundance. Learn  new abundance tools. Share with panelists Nick and Jacqui how your abundance is manifesting and how you can move forward with your abundance journey.

Being part of this program was an honour. Suzie takes an over complicated process and simplifies it for anyone to understand and apply right away in their lives. You will discover action steps that will have you attracting more of what yu want and less of what you don’t want! Thank you Suzie – Nick Pereira Founder of The Freedompreneur Club 

Suzie is helping me overcome blockages I have around intimacy and relationships. I feel I am moving forward with this area really well with Suzie’s teaching and using the Law of Attraction. These process have helped me with the words I use, how I talk to myself and I have a much higher vibration – Jacqui Be  Author of Just Do You