Give Me Advance Notice for Lucky to be Alive + Opportunity for a review copy

A new book by Suzie Cheel

… struggling with major health issues?
… lost your creative drive?
… looking for inspiration to help you cope with serious life challenges?
“Suzie Cheel’s new book Lucky to Be Alive: How I Used the Law of Attraction and the Power of Self-Love to Save My Life Is a must-read for anyone with health challenges or with a loved one or friend willing to take a fresh look at possibilities for healing. And for anyone who just wants to be inspired to live life to the full. “ – Heather Bestel, Founder of The Happiness Garden Have you or a loved one had your life turned upside down by serious illness?
Are you feeling frustrated and missing the creative drive you once had?
Do you just lack the get up and go you used to have?

Then you need to read Suzie’s story and how she dealt with a life-threatening illness and is now back to living life to the full.

About the Book

Suzie’s choice – life, death or dialysis

In July 2011, Suzie Cheel’s life changed, when virtually overnight she went from feeling super healthy and full of vigour to lying in a hospital bed with a life-threatening illness.
The technical diagnosis was crescentic  glomerulonenephritis, which she discovered later is a term used to cover a group of diseases that injure the part of the kidney that filters blood.
In plain English, her kidneys were at a very low level of function (later she was told the function was at zero).
This was serious.
And the prospects for recovery weren’t good – only 25% of people who experience this recover fully, she was told. For the other 75% the outcome is death or a life on dialysis.
But only half-listening to the alarming, gloomy prognosis of the medicos assembled around her hospital bed, Suzie declared that she would be in the 25% who recover fully. She would be using the Law of Attraction and meditation and would be healed and going home.

 “I understood I had a choice: death, dialysis or a fully engaged life. I chose the fully engaged life.”

It was not to be plain sailing. Even after her initial recovery back from death’s door there was a long process of treatment and a major setback when, a few months later, she had a relapse.
Then there were some side-effects, serious but not life-threatening, from the treatment that had saved her life.

“As people came to know part of my story of recovery from a life-threatening illness, more and more of them wanted me to share the fuller story in a book.”

What you will learn:

• Suzie’s story of self-healing from this life-threatening illness
• How she took personal action to complement traditional medical processes and treatments
• How she put the Law of Attraction into action
• Suzie’s “dialysis moment” when she came to understand profoundly the crucial importance of self-love
• How she drew on the support and encouragement of others, including her online friends in far-off countries
• The tools and processes she used then for self-healing and still uses to maintain and continually improve her health and wellbeing

Who should read it?

Women and men with health issues and willing to take personal action
Carers for people with serious health issues
Holistic healers, heart-centred entrepreneurs
People who have lost their creative drive
People who love to read inspirational stories of personal transformation against the odds

“I want to encourage people to learn simple but effective techniques for using the Law of Attraction and to discover the awesome power of learning to listen to the whispers of their heart.”

About the Author

Suzie is an intuitive artist and transformational coach, known as The Heart Whisperer and is creator of the Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Cards.

Trained as an Early Childhood (“Childcare”) teacher, and with stints in England and Nigeria as well as her native Australia, Suzie later left her secure, tenured college position as a Head Teacher in Child Care, to follow her artistic dreams and create from nothing what became a successful textile art business.

In the meantime, she gained a Graduate Diploma in Applied Science (Social Ecology) and while still running her one-woman business gained her Master’s Degree in Applied Science.

Suzie is a  Law of Attraction certified facilitator, Suzie is a certified Angel Intuitive, and says the work she had done for herself and others in these fields gave her extra skills and tools to help her heal herself.

Suzie is author and illustrator of the book Emergings: a Meditation on the Emotions of Change.

She is a blogger and very active on social media, with many friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Give Me Advance Notice for Lucky to be Alive + Opportunity for a review copy