FOCUSING ON MY DREAMS EMPOWERS ME DAILY! Where am I going? These were the words that fell onto my journal I woke early today and the feeling I had was one of how will I get everything done, do I really want to be doing what I have mapped out for November? You know that […]

Does Keeping Your Commitments Empower You? Prescription 5

Being empowered brings both joy and success, so often becomes disempowered by feeling we don’t have enough time.  Does time sometimes stop you keeping the commitments you make to yourself and that you have announced to the world? I has announced that I was going to paint each day for 21 days! Saturday morning  I […]

Does Your Blog Need Some Love?

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The Ultimate Blog Challenge Does you blog need a boost, some fresh ideas and maybe even is little TLC? Then joining in the “Ultimate Blog Challenge” that is being run by Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer might be just what your blog needs. Why I have decided to join in as while I was doing […]