Do You Open Yourself To Love?

Expansive Love

Is Your Love Expansive? Today Valentine’s Day is very much about romantic love  between couples. Love is bigger than this. The love between couples will be more fulfilling when it is expansive, when it embraces the love of yourself and others. Today on Suzie TV  I share a practise Des and I use each day that […]

BEach Inspirations: Be Love


Love is peace, Love is trust, Love is knowing, Love is being, Love is accepting, Love is me, Love is you.   Love is the foundation for peace, that inner peace that you might call bliss. It is a feeling that we experience when: ♥ we feel the love within, ♥ we are positive ♥ our […]

Wishing You Calm, Hope and Joy

This morning I heard the words wishing you calm, hope and joy spoken by the priest at St Peter’s in Coolangatta.. These words touched my heart and I came home and added them to the painting I had done for Christmas along with love and peace. With gratitude and in abundance always Namaste