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Last week I had the pleasure of talking with Tess Marshall. who is a fear-shattering, risk taker, author, and courage coach with a master’s degree in counseling psychology and owner of  The Bold Life a blog about fearless living! We had such a fun time, laughed a lot and shared many stories of fear, change and choice.  And we talked about  her brand new Fearless Living course 30 Days of Bold: Making The Impossible Possible. The video is 16.51 mins. Please watch and be empowered.

 Get all the details for becoming Bold HERE http://bit.ly/30daystobold

Plus the course, you get 4 live group coaching calls with Tess- that is special and I know you will have fun as well as become bold.

A little more from Tess:
“I currently work as a writer, speaker, and courage coach. I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology and had a private practice in Michigan for 10 years. I love to guide and  inspire people to overcome their fears and live-out-loud.  I write at The Bold Life, for an amazing and growing community, that I love dearly.  My work has allowed me to reach people all over the world.  My passion is to help others grow through their fears and take the action needed to create and live a meaningful and inspired life. I’ve written three books and created a brand new course, 30 Days to Bold.”

Tess says: Success is written in your DNA. You were born whole, innocent, and courageous. You’re inadequate belief systems hold you back. Let us help you recover your power in order to go forth boldly and share your gifts with the world!

If you are ready to share your gifts with the world?

Step up, be bold and  JOIN IN NOW!


With love, gratitude and in abundance always

Suzie Cheel

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