What Makes You Feel Good?

High Vibrations

When your vibes are positive you feel good , life is joyful and you  continue to attract good things into your  lives. just like the morning I found this perfectly drawn what I call a  vibrational bubble in the sand on my morning walk.This coupled with the blue ocean and wonderful warm water always raises my vibes and has me feeling good.There are sometimes days where you don’t feel good your vibes are negative. The good news is there are  simple ways to raise your vibes that will have you feeling good in no time at all and what’s more they are free.

  1. Change your environment: Get in touch with nature. Go for a walk,by the sea, a river, a forest or just around the street of your local neighborhood.
  2. Look around you house and make a list of all the abundance you have. Look out the window
  3. Make a list of things you are grateful for now
  4. Open a page in your favorite book of quotes and read it out loud
  5. Step aside from your computer and take 3 deep breaths, stretch and drink a glass of water.
  6. Ring your happiest friend and have a chat
  7. Tap into gratitude with Brad Yates

Do you have a tip to share that you use to raise your vibes.
Wishing you a high vibe day 🙂


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4 Responses

  1. Hi Rishan,
    great to meet you- yes i am a Brad Yates Fan- last year I used his Tap of the Morning and evening every day

    look forward to getting to know you

  2. Hey Suzie, thanks for the cool tips and video. I personally use EFT and find it supppeeer powerful. I've studied a bit of Brad Yates work and his stuff is great. I bookmarked this post and will be following your blog closely!

  3. Suzie,
    Oh I love high vibe days! I will add spend time with kids, eat dark chocolate, pray, sing, make love…be back later I’m going to go raise vibes;)

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