Sunday Switch Off

Yesterday I decided to take a day for me: Saturday had not been my best day so I decided that Sunday I would be more productive! 🙂

The plan was to have an art and beach day with maybe, a little planning for the week ahead.
Well sometimes plans change and yesterday mine did! I decided to take time to be

Be still

So what made my day so special?

I have made a short video of my day and below is the list of how I made this a special day where I did recharge my batteries.

♡ It was a cool morning so I started with cuddles in the warm bed with Des followed by

♡  Best Day Ever meditation that I had just downloaded as part of my membership to The Amazing Biz and Life  Academy from Leonie Dawson which I followed with daily prayers, some from

The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williams that I read recently, refer to regularly and highly recommend on love and abundance. This is a great book for spiritual inspiration.

♡Angel Card for the day from Daily Guidance from Your Angels: See only Love

♡ Then it was time for the local Farmers Markets where we get fresh fruit and veggies each week. Always such a joy to chat with the local farmers.

♡ The special Sunday breakfast, something we usually do as a treat. Yesterday we had mushrooms, baby tomatoes, basil, avocado on fresh seeded sourdough with watercress.

♡  Then it was time to spray my Kale and baby broccoli with Dipel a natural spray to deter the army worms that have stripped the plants bare. I then noticed some dead geraniums on the fence and decided to pull these out- not my smartest move as the back decided that was a bit much! I am so looking forward to the day where I don’t have to be careful about what I lift etc. Just another 15 months…….

Time we to set off to Fingal Beach, we often head south on Sunday morning to this beautiful beach that has no houses facing the beach and no high rises. We were going to call in at a gallery I had seen advertised in the local paper Studio 44. This was an amazing visit. I had expected just to call in, look at the exhibition and head to the beach. We were greeted by Honey a barking poodle and Kit the owner. The gallery was amazingly welcoming as was Kit and we were given the full tour and then sat outside in the sun and shared tea and coffee. The conversation just flowed and I felt I have made a new friend and maybe a gallery to exhibit in.
 To top it off on the way back from the beach I decided to stop to take a photo of the gallery and was introduced to Mindi who had curated the exhibition. She has just found a space for exhibition in Coolangatta. The angels were with me.

♡ While we were having tea the amazing yellow and purple vehicle pulled up, I had never seen anything like it. The day was unfolding magically

♡ Then we headed down to the beach which was just magical, warm clear blue sea and sky and water so warm. After walking and swimming I sat  with Des on our comfy beach chairs, did a short meditation, wrote in my journal and read. I got a great Vitamin D hit too. I love this time of the year as the sun is wonderful without being burning.

♡ We returned and had a yummy salad and I then read the next chapter in E Squared by Pam Grout a book I am reviewing for Pam.

♡ Then I treated myself to a glacial marine mud mask followed by a coconut oil, himalayan salt and lavender oil bath- pure bliss.

♡ Time now for dinner: spinach, celery and watercress soup, fresh corn and a grapefruit before snuggling up and watching A Place To Call Home. A new Australian drama which I love.

What a beautiful day and I went to bed totally relaxed, full of love and feeling very abundant and so grateful. So much to share in my gratitude journal.

When I got up this morning I was greeted by the most magical sky I felt so happy and full of love as I start the new week.


As I write this I look at my To Do list for today and even though I wonder how I will complete what I wrote down, I feel at peace. I am going to take more days just to be. I feel good.

♡ What do you do when you take a day just to be? How does it make you feel♡

Do you need to give yourself permission to treat you?  Check out my special Creative Change  Clarity Coaching Package that includes a Card Reading plus a clarity session.

Be love

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19 Responses

  1. I felt tearful as I haven’t given myself a day like that in ages. Thank you. This came at the right time – I need to remember it is normal to potter, to go slow, to reflect. Thank you again you have given me a gift.

    1. Hi Miriam and welcome I am delighted to see you and your comment makes my heart sing. It is so easy to get so caught up in our lives that we forget to treat ourselves.
      Enjoy the day you take to have a day for you
      Be Love ♥♡♥

  2. I watched that and for me that sounded almost exhausting. I know many were relaxing things but to me you did so much. My just me days are often spent in rest, sometimes writing and reading. Usually my reading on days like that is just for fun, unless I’ve been introduced to a just can’t put it down self-help. 🙂 Honestly, mostly naps. I probably would be wise to get a better bedtime routine.

    I do have to say the sunrise was awesome!


    1. Hi Michele,
      Maybe because i still spend a lot of time in rest mode because of my back, getting out and about and the variety invigorates me. I think I now know why people say i have amazing energy.
      I was reading those books because one was due back at the library and the other onekeep putting aside because of business 🙂
      i do go to bed early, usually asleep by 10. so you may have something there.
      with love

    1. I am sending you lots of healing love and light. Good to read you are taking lots of me time, sorry to hear you are unwell.
      My right shoulder blade has gone out in sympathy- have been painting and gardening 🙂 xxoo

  3. Suzie, you gotta do some more of those videos! Made me feel wonderful! I had to watch it 2 times and might go for a 3rd 🙂 Thanks for sharing that wonderful day with us! Love you!

      1. Suzie, I loved that one, too! They need to be longer and go slower! 🙂 MORE!!!! 🙂
        Love, Jean

        1. Thanks Jean,
          I knew that- will be wonderful when i can have someone else to put them together
          I will make these on slower and share with you for your input 🙂

          1. Thanks, Suzie, I just love them. They are so Feel Good! 🙂 They make me happy! 🙂 I hope you can find a helper to do the putting together work!

  4. Sounds heavenly Suzie…a great reminder for us all to get unplugged and be aware of the wonders of our life, big and small.

    Love Elle

  5. Suzie,

    I loved your blog post! But you pack much more in your day off than I do. Every once in a while I like to curl up on the sofa, watch a good movie or read a good book. If the day is warm and sunny, I’ll forgo the movie and soak up the sun while listening to some drifting music.

    So essential to unplug, take some “me” time to nurture our souls and our spirits, isn’t it?

    So glad you had an enjoyable day!

    Lynn Spiro

    1. Hi Lynn,
      thanks and your comment is an important reminder to me of how much i pack into a dayand often feel I should be doing more. yes it is so important to take time for our souls and spirits, thanks for dropping by
      Have a terrific Tuesday ♥♥

  6. Days like that are divine! And absolutely essential for one’s sanity …… I have strayed from the path and am slowly bringing myself back and taking care of myself 🙂

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