Write Away Your Fear

write away your fear

Where you are at now is okay
Be with what is
Not what might be
Acknowledge the courage and the strength
That took you to this point.
When the whirlwind churns in your mind
Take out your pen and write in me
I’ll help you through the fear, the pain and anguish.
Your thoughts, your dreams
Your hopes and desires
Will be safe with me
And when you find
The light that shines from within
When love and joy and happiness emerge
I’ll be a comfort for reflection
You’ll find the courage that enabled you to take that first step
The strength you need to take the next risk.
© Suzie Cheel

I wrote the words 25 years ago when I wrote  my book.  Emergings I was showing the book to a friend who at that time was going through fear and pain and recognized those feeling in one of the images. I wrote these words then for her in a journal.

Do you use the power of writing and a journal to find courage?

be the change

Suzie Cheel emergings

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9 Responses

  1. Oh Suzie,
    This is simply marvelous! How so very beautiful it is to have friends such as you to help, console and heal. Your words are truly healing. Thank you fro sharing them here,
    And yes, i keep a journal…more of a gratitude journal 🙂
    Lots of love,

    1. Hi Zeenat,
      Thank you you words make my heart sing and i like that yu say they are healing. They were just sitting on the shelf waiting to be shared.

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