Where are you going?

Are you on the path to love?

These were my meditation/journaling questions

Then I drew one of my favorite cards : ABUNDANCE


So how does my question relate to abundance?

Abundance comes when we embrace the love that is within.

So when we stray away from fully loving ourselves, we also step away from abundance

Sometimes we don’t even feel we deserve it or expect it!

Yet the more I love myself , the more I open my heart to love and allow the abundance to flow. 

This might be buried away in your subconscious, you might not even be aware of how this is limiting your abundance.

Today focus on abundance.

Look around you and see the abundance you already have.

I sometimes make a small booklet from one sheet of paper that I keep in my wallet.

When you have your journal ready start to note down any instances of abundance that you have attracted into you life. You can do this as it occurs or at night before you go to sleep. This is usually when I do mine along with my gratitude journal.

You write at the top of the page

Today I observed 5 ( or more) things that show me proof of the abundance I have in my life.

This is a sample from two of my pages :

Abundance flowed into my life today. I attracted abundance when:

  1. A friend bought me coffee
  2. I was given a free bunch of spinach at the farmers markets
  3. I had a free coaching call via skype.
  4. A friend shared with  me how I had helped her become calm  and she sent me a thank you email.
  5. I got a free reading

Abundance flowed into my life today. I attracted abundance when:

  1. My beach coach helped me get clarity on a new product
  2. I feel so abundant every day when I walk on the beach
  3. I won $10 on a scratchie I bought today.
  4. Happy dance time email from Paypal saying you have got money!- I love these.
  5. I loved the sun today feeding my bones and giving me my vitamin D hit

Now celebrate when you notice abundance, celebrate the evidence of it in you life. Do a happy dance, say: Look what I attracted to me! Do this every day for the next 7 days and share any ahas in the comments

This brings more love through as we focus on the positives in our life. 

Be open to receiving love


Open your heart to LOVE:

DARE to DREAM again!

all my love

Suzie xxx 

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24 Responses

  1. I certainly experienced abundance of love and goodwill on my birthday earlier this month, Suzie when I received over 200 messages from my friends and colleagues on social media and the phone kept ringing the whole day!

    Since I personally acknowledged each greeting, it took a few days and that further embedded gratitude for this abundance in my sub-conscious mind.

    I maintain a gratitude journal – have been doing it for years and yes, abundance in the form that I need it does manifest itself at the right time and the right place.

    1. Congrats Vatsala on your love, your gratitude and your abundance . it is amazing how Social Media I believe allows us to have extended abundance as your birthday greetings show. Yes the subconscious loves it when we embed and embody gratitude xo Thank you for sharing

  2. I love how this works Suzie…what we put our focused awareness on, expands. It’s hard to understand why we don’t keep our awareness on all the things we want. All the time!

    1. Elle, I know , we get distracted, life gets in the way 🙂 and what I am discovering is we have to focus on what we desire more and that can be challenging xo

  3. I love this post and after reading a post of yours last week – have started each day this week with journaling and meditation – which has been awesome….I love this idea of focusing more on the abundance that is coming to us – I know my life is so blessed and yet sometimes it feels a little bit funky…..a reminder and the opportunity to shift my mindset is appreciated. I will take this challenge and see how the next week progresses! thank you suzie!

    1. Hi Anita, thank you your comment makes my heart sing. Thank you for sharing that I inspired you to journal and meditate . Look forward to hearing how you progress. I understand that funky feeling, we all get it and the more we focus on abundance that is right in front of us the more it flows. xo

  4. I absolutely love your list of 5 proofs of abundance, I am a strong believer that when we focus on the abundance we already have it cannot but increase.

  5. Greetings, lovely lady on the other side of the world. Part of that abundance is the ability to connect like this. I often think of you when I go to the beach. I always appreciate the way you help me connect with love and abundance. And, yes… they do go together.

    1. Andrea, thank you. Yes I agree with you- connecting like this is so full of abundance for me too. I love you think of me whne you go to the beach , mu place of abundance xo

  6. Susie, I bask in your wisdom. I believe some Aussie beach sunshine must trickle through your posts and I thank you for that! I look around and feel abundant when I notice…my safe, cozy home, this delicious air of this peaceful day, my dear friend who is exchanging sessions with me, my other dear friend who I’ll meet up with soon for brunch, and the list goes on. I am truly blessed! Thanks as always for the reminder to be gratefully abundant!

  7. I love this blog Suzie and the fabulous exercise to open to the flow of abundance through love! I so appreciate you reminding us that we sometimes stop the flow of abundance by limiting our love for ourselves and thinking we are not good enough. I am so excited to include your exercise in my daily self-nurturing practice and thank you so much for sharing your love, wisdom and inspiration here!

    1. Kelley you have my heart singing and so grateful for your comment and delighted you are going to include the exercise in your daily self nurturing. You make me realise what I do touches so many others Thank you xo

  8. Hi Suzie, I resonate deeply with this one. I have hit blocks in abundance in my life only when I was focusing on lack in my life. When I turn to gratitude, bliss and joy – money and all else flows effortlessly. Money is an energy and there is a never ending supply just like water and air – but we have so many limiting beliefs and stories around it. These are wonderful suggestions for getting abundance flowing once again! Sending Love, Jenny

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