Abundance is a feeling

Abundance is a feeling, we are surrounded by abundance every day, sometimes we don’t see the small things that do create abundance.

If we raise our awareness we be in the feeling of abundance. We need to embrace the feeling of being abundant by celebrating in the moment when we notice the abundance flowing in.

Today I am celebrating my abundance with you at my place of happiness, healing and abundance, yes the beach. 🙂

I know when I first started on this journey to abundance and I met my mentor Michael Losier, the author of Law of Attraction, The Science of Getting More of What You Do Want and Less of What You Don’t , he gave me an abundance exercise  to do, on becoming truly conscious of the abundance in my life. I became so much more aware of the abundance that i already had in my life.

When we feel abundant we raise our vibes and attract more of what we do want in our lives.

When we block out abundance, yes we do when we think negative thoughts, are surrounded by negative people, we lower out vibes and the Law of Attraction matches that.

What do you do each day that gives you the feeling of abundance?

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love and abundance always


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  1. I appreciate beauty everyday- especially the trees, the wildlife and all of the natural beauty in my landscape.Inspiring post, Suzie!

    1. Welcome Colleen thank you for your comment I love to hear I have inspired and yes nature is a wonderful source of abundance in all areas especially nature xxox

  2. I’ve learned to embrace the enoughness in my life – I have enough money. I have enough food. I have a job that provides (more than) enough. I am enough. And from my enoughness and gratitude for what I have, the feeling of abundance is the natural outcome. <3

    1. Love it Peggy, when we have enough and have enough, it is the feeling of abundance that just is. You have perfected this and love the bold move you took to decalre this in you blog post. I am giving you a big virtual hug xxoo

  3. That’s key for me: celebrating it in the moment I notice it. I live in a place of beauty — my house is between a harbor and the SF Bay Trail. I walked outside this morning to set up my backyard office (as I do most days), and looked up. Stopped right there to marvel at the beautiful sky and the amazing clouds.

    Abundance, yo.

    Thanks, Suzie, for bringing it as you so often do.

    1. Yes Sue you have it , I sometimes forget, and when we do celebrate in the moment magic just is. Your new home looks and sounds so abundant. I think when we are sorrounged by an abundance of nature gratitude flows then abundance follows. Your comments always uplift me Sue xxoo

  4. Yes! Focusing on abundance creates more abundance. It’s all about raising our vibes and tapping into the magical flow that exists all around us! Thank you for sharing this message of truth Suzie! xoxo

  5. I agree that abundance is a feeling -a feeling of being enough, of having enough, of knowing that there’s enough for everyone, and of trusting that more is on the way. Lovely beach Suzie!

  6. Hi, Suzzie

    Abundance is awareness and appreciation what we have in your hands right at this moment.
    We, human, have a natural tendency to concentrate on the negative which cut off every blessing.
    If we always concentrate lack, we will always in lack.



  7. Ah, now I remember our initial connection. It is with my dear friend Michael. I am a law of attraction trainer and certified thru his course. I love that exercise too and loved using it in my law of attraction groups years ago – we had a glorious time noticing the abundance all around us and how much abundance we really do receive each day when we start to recount it. Fun, fun…..

  8. When you’r young, abundance is mostly about money and the things that money can buy. So you chase after money. The wise thing is to give up the chase and let abundance find its way to you. I keep a list of the things I’m looking for. I don’t make an effort to acquire them but rather let them find me. A few weeks ago it was a set of pearl earrings. Last week, the abundant universe sent a pair of quartz earrings which were not on the list. , Who am I to argue? They were a perfect compliment to a blouse the abundant universe had provided earlier.

    1. Hi Joyce, That is so correct about the money, I now see how important having abundance in all areas of our live is too achieve balance. Love your story Thank you xxoo

  9. This resonates so strongly for me right now. There is so much goodness in my life. I want to see, feel, remember, and appreciate that. Thanks for the inspiring reminder, Suzie. Love seeing you on the beach.

    1. Sandra that is wonderful to read, when we acknowledge all the goodness magic happens. I love being on the beach, although right now it is raining and winter is coming xxoo

  10. I also know when the sun is shining and the sky is filled with wonderful cloud landscapes, I do feel the enormity of how much abundance is everywhere! My challenge often comes in the grey and damp fall and winter days, even though I know nature is hibernating preparing for the rebirth it experiences each spring. Thanks for the reminder today of how to tap into and remember that even in the small things, we can find great abundance. Lovely Suzie! Thank you. xo

    1. I know Beverley about the sunny days and how much easier it is to see and feel the abundance. Yes the small things make a big difference I know about the grey days and I suppose I am blessed that I no longer experience those cold icy winters I grew up with. Today it is raining here and I give thanks that the garden is being watered- the farmers will be happy etc and I smile as the sun breaks through the could for just a few moments as it did just now xxoo

  11. I think our surroundings play a bigger role in our ability to feel abundant than we realize. Clutter, chaos, and negativity are obvious issues we need to be aware of, but so I believe is surrounding ourselves with people who have stopped growing and settled for “good enough.”

    I went through a phase like that several years ago during one of my career reinventions and the struggle that was created by well-meaning friends and family constantly telling me I should just appreciate the job I already had, that what I wanted was just too much, too big a leap, too much work, too big a risk, nearly prevented me from earning my dream job because it added so much unnecessary stress and resistance. I’m just in the early stages of another reinvention and this is a great reminder of the importance of staying true to my own nature to appreciate all that is good in my life. In fact, as soon as the sun comes up I’m going to spend a little quality time out on the deck enjoying the view of the West Maui mountains. Thanks Suzie!

    1. Yes Marty they do, the more aware we become i think the easier it is too release the clutter from all aspects of our life- sometimes the people are not so easy 🙂 I love that one of your career reinventions- I too have has several and agree staying true to you is so important, enjoy yu sun up time. Thank you for your sharing xxoo

  12. I have those days when I am so in the flow of abundance, Suzie, and being thrilled with 1 thing going right seems to set off a series of events that reaffirm that there is abundance all around us and all we have to do is accept it. Something similar happened this morning, when I got an overseas phone call from someone I had contacted a month ago ( I had forgotten about it) who was able to return my call only today. I received an invitation to speak to his corporate office in Delhi on Self-Confidence and coincidentally that is my Kindle book on promo this weekend and I marveled at the coincidence.

    My authentic gratitude led to more happy events today including receiving a gift that I had ordered from my credit card company arriving 3 weeks early, work that I was depending upon others to complete so I could continue my work being done and tons of things that make me want to shout that ‘Life is Good!’.

    1. Varsala wow, mind blowing was what I thought as I read this, you really have embraced Abundance is a feeling and allowed more to flow into your life. Thank you so much for sharing your abundance. I am sure you will shine when you speak . xx

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