What Stops You Sharing Your Story? 

Yes the  story that changed your life

It’s time to write your own story.

Stop looking outside!

Focus on what is within you.

Now is the time,

So today, start moving forward.

I got this message as I was lying in bed this morning. I have been stopped in my tracks once again.

I have a small fracture of my tibial plateau. I wear a knee brace – except when I am showering and I am on crutches for probably 6 weeks. This wasn’t on my plan!


Sometime the universe gives us signs so we get out of our own way and we get moving This can be what we came here to do. It often is our life purpose.

Have you been hiding my life purpose away?

I know my life purpose is empowerment and I help to open hearts and heal. This too is my story that I have been putting off sharing.

Today I will plan my daily activity to get Lucky To Be Alive written as this will lead to the next stage of my life and my business.

The Universe has now created the space, no more excuses!

This week I had an intuitive brainstorming session with Rach Wilson. I was sharing my new Heart Whisper Journey To Joy program and how that would flow from my Joy Quiz, to my Heart Whisper Oracle Cards to my Readings and my new HeartScape service. When I mentioned to her my book Lucky To Be Alive: How I used the Law of Attraction and the Power of Self Love to Save My Life, she got so excited I wish I’d been able to take a photo. Rach said write the book and there is your program. Your program will be called Save Your Life and you will share the tools you used.

We have to have another person to tell us what is within us. What our heart really knows. I had been wondering why I still had lots of incompletions.


Maybe that resonates for you too?

As I lie here in bed today picturing the weeks ahead I’m taking back to just over over a year ago when I was asked what was my biggest dream:

My biggest dream was to have written Lucky To Be Alive,  to be speaking both on and off line to hundreds, make that millions of people around the world who are ready to save their lives by letting go of the struggle, stopping the self sabotage,  the procrastination and stepping onto a path of love, of healing that will bring them to their own knowing that they are enough they are worthy and that the diamond that is within their heart is now ready to shine.

The promise I made back in March this year I now take action on as I write this post.

This book is my story of how I saved my life and now I share my learning, my inspiration, to give hope to others who are ready to save their own lives.


Give Me Advance Notice for Lucky to be Alive + Opportunity for a review copy

Do you have a story to share that will change your life and inspire others?

This might be your jumping off point to heal, let go of the self-sabotage, the struggle and shine. Book a complimentary chat here 

All my love


Please Share this article on your favorite social networks and with your community. This can help others heal and transform their lives. Thank you!”♥♥

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34 Responses

  1. Hi Suzie,
    I love how beautifully you wrote this from your heart and soul and I very much needed to read this. I’m going thru a very difficult stressful time in my life right now with much self-doubt and painful grief and my Inner Voice Intuition keeps kicking my ego in its butt and reminding me to just tune into my loving Intuition Inner Voice and stop worrying and I’m listening more and more everyday, thank you.

    1. Hi Dayna,
      Thank you I love that this empowered you and reassured you. I understand the self doubt feeling and i know working every day with my own heart whispers through my oracle cards and journal help me as well as my clients make that shift to loving you unconditionally Love and hugs and reach out if you need to chat xxxx

    1. Thanks Julie- yes right into getting that book written as the universe opened up the time for me 🙂 Yes crutches are a bore- still they are my current mobility and build upper arm strength xxx

  2. I’m glad to see you are on the mend and hope that you’ll be back to 100% very soon. Funny thing is, your message reminds me of another one I received this morning from The Universe: “Release me to do your will, Marquita, to move heaven and earth, to orchestrate the players and summon the circumstances that will change your life completely. That’s all the leg-up I need.” I seriously love Mike Dooley’s daily Universe messages!

    1. Thanks Marty this is a true learning in letting go, asking and delegating. I love the Tut message today – you reminded me to check my emails 🙂 xxx

  3. Your headline is in tandem with what I’ve been thinking of this week, Suzie. As I know that I want to start seeking speaking opportunities again, I started writing down events in my life – stories – that I can share as part of my presentation. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the things that are staring is in the face. I hope your full recovery comes speedily.

  4. Way to make the shift, my friend. Is it OK that I’d occasionally like to get the message without the physical symptoms? Hang in there… and keep writing. Hugs.

  5. I love the way these messages come, and all that’s required is lifted eyes, open hands, and the willingness to listen. Thanks, Suzie. May the healing be easeful!

    1. Sue thanks I like easeful Yes the universe is making sure I get on the path and let go of what is taking me away from my purpose not as easy as I think xxxx

  6. Being confined to my apartment for 8 weeks with a fractured hip 3 years ago was the catalyst for my Third Age Trilogy and the first book, Song Of An Extraordinary Life, was born. Sometimes The Universe has to literally tie us to the chair so we can sit still long enough to recognize our path.

    1. Barb that would have been a trial, at least I can get out- although today going to a networking event had me exhausted- back to lie in tomorrow and the book. Yes the universe is making sure I get really clear on my path xxxx

  7. Great post Suzie! I so resonate with your awareness that your life purpose is empowerment and that the universe sometimes intervenes to redirect us. I love your passion and enthusiasm and thank you so much for all you share with the world!

    1. Kelley you make my heart sing thank you . Yes empowerment I remembered recently was given to me as my purpose when I had my akashic records read a while ago. xxxxx

  8. Good on you for having the courage to share your story. The Heartscape paintings look like a wonderful adventure too. Good energy to you.

  9. Good for you, Suzie, for finding the good in the situation. I know it is distressing, but it sounds like it can also be a really productive time. I find that when I fight the universe’s plan, it never goes well – like trying to swim upstream.

    I have most definitely shared my story – maybe even a little too much! 🙂 It has been so helpful.

    1. Hi Debbie I love that – trying to swim upstream and right now I am still trying to do some fighting of the universe, I will let you know how I go. Do we ever share to much of our story? xxx

  10. I’m so sorry you hit this painful bump and so exciting you are using it to write your story. I feel quite satisfied with my life, I don’t feel incomplete. I also share my story constantly on my blog.

  11. I hope your fracture heals quickly and that you get the writing your heart is calling you to do well on the way so that you help many people look within and start healing. I use to say Madame “Univers” and now, I go straight to the big boss and bring my prayers and hope to God 😉 He loves us so much and also there is a personal connection I use to long for that is being filled!

    Thank you for sharing your passion!

  12. Stopping in your tracks and moving forward at the same time. What an incredible and inspiring story Suzie. You made me think of all the times I’ve been stopped in my tracks. I hadn’t really thought about this in a long time. Now, I can look back and see how I continued to move forward in some areas and not move forward in others. Much love and healing.

  13. I’ve shared my life story in bits and pieces over the years through my website About Me page, my blog posts and books, Suzie but the magnum opus autobiography is going to take time – too many adventures still to be experienced! Hugs and Blessings, Vatsala

    1. Vatsala I think mine will be in stages, this one and then others that spin out from that is what i am thinking . I love the idea of the magnum opus xxx

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