Or Does Your Head Rule?

EpiphanyI have drawn the Epiphany card from  Sonia Choquette’s Ask Your Guides Oracle cards for the third time this week. I thought there was a message for me and maybe you can relate to this too. The message from the card starts: “Congratulations you are finally getting out of your head and into your soul (heart). The flow of communication between you and Your Higher Self is stregthening daily…… and ends Remain in constant dialogue with your Higher Self and ask it to override your limited perception and keep you on your true path. Then  go with the flow your Higher Self’s message is listen to me. ”

How often I have forgetten to stop and listen to my higher self, allowing the pressure of getting something done by a certain time take over. This week I am listening more to my inner voice and observing when I feel the ego checking in too.
I am currently taking Sonia’s Ask Your Guides online video course and I am loving it. Each morning when I wake up I turn on the computer and fire up the page. ( I am using the weekly scheduling feature in firefox so I am not distracted by potential distraction that the igoogle interface offers). I then head away from the computer to my meditation room, light a candle, shuffle my set of Ask Your Guides Oracle cards and I usually also draw a card from one of Doreen Virtue’s decks. Currently I am using the Archangel Michael deck. I then move into meditation as well as working with the exercise that Sonia has given for the day. I am in week 3 of this 4 week program and I can feel a shift in how I be and I am asking myself more questions and getting more informed answers as I really listen and focus.

Along with the intuitive painting that I have been doing I have finally been able to harness my “what” both Angela and my friend Stephanie saw as being both scattered and fractured energy into focused vision. I knew I was still trying to juggle too many balls and had put myself back into a state of overwhelm.

I am now moving out of that fractured overwhelm state and in meditation this morning  I got a clear sign of my  moving forward direction. More to come on that over the next weeks.

So for me listening to my heart is giving me both focus and answers to my moving forward.

Do you listen to your heart or does your head rule?

live from the heart

Live in abundance, live creative, be the change and make a difference TODAY!

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    1. Hi Columbia,
      Thanks for you wonderful such encouraging feedback- will let you know- just deciding which platform to use

      love Suzie

  1. Hi Suzie, I must say I listen with my head more than my heart, but this is my second visit to your sight and as I return I may just be learning a little about being more perceptive to other aspects in my life.

    1. Hi Angela,
      Yes it is wonderful and it just gets better, look what you along with several others have helped me untap

  2. It would be great to live from one’s heart but unfortunately in most cases I live using my mind and sound reason. And sometimes I feel unpleasant about it. Very often mind and heart are too far from each other.

    1. Hi Anna,
      I know how you feel and I am very excited as I have discovered a way that bring you closer to living from your heart and doing what makes your heart sing,
      Watch for a post and a video I will be sharing soon.

  3. Hi Suzie,
    I had read several of Sonia Choquettes books and even took an online “trust your vibes” course that she offered. Sonia is one of the best in my eyes when it comes to intuition and strengthening our intuitive muscles.

    I am similar as you to where I get too caught up in my head and forget to tune in and listen to divine guidance.

    When I stay in my head too much I tend to lose focus even though I am able to get tasks done. I believe that if we listen within we would find short-cuts to getting things done and would have more time to spend on activities that we enjoy.

    1. Hi Justin,
      Great to meet you, yes with Sonia I feel I have met my teacher for developing ,my intuition and really connecting with my guides- I love the way she presents these online courses I started last year with Your heart’s desire, then Traveling at the Speed of Love-
      This one Ask Your Guides is having a significant impact on me and I can feel the shift as i move into week 4 of the course.
      What you have said about listening and as Sonia says asking things do shift. This course with the my painting prescription is giving me more focus and a clarity as well.

  4. Suzie,

    What strikes me is the way that you are giving yourself focused time to listen to your intuition and your heart through both the art exercises and the focused morning meditations. I find this the most challenging aspect – giving myself the space and time so to get out of my head into my heart and intuition. Bravo for you! I bet it’s great not to feel on overwhelm or fractured!

    1. Hi Sandra,

      Wow I always assumed that you were so focused from reading your posts on meditation, etc.

      Reading your comment reminded me how important it is to set oneself a goal and declare it to the world.

      I just read this and realized that I have spent the first part of the day being distracted, so you have inspired me to go back to setting myself a new painting challenge, now to meditate, paint and plan my day- I feel a bit of the overwhelm creeping back in. Thanks for your comment that pulled me up in my tracks of just what I was doing…….:)♡

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