Each day I start with really loving me with a simple process I share here in the video

ABUNDANCE is what was whispered to me today, after I asked what magic today will bring.



Yes I am experiencing abundance.

I am loving myself into abundance and manifesting into my life more of what I picture.

Wow! I love today’s whisper, as I have already received a message to say that I have funds in our e-wallet.

And I did something new last night. Invited by my mentor, Lee, I went to a spiritual evening where David Laws was doing “Flower” readings at Currumbin RSL club.

Out of 200 plus brown paper bags, each with a flower freshly picked by its owner, I was the second person chosen for a reading that confirmed many things for me.

I had seen myself being chosen as I placed my bag in the basket.

That’s what I love, now that I have chosen to live my life by design each day. As I love myself more and more, I can feel and see the ABUNDANCE manifesting in my life and I love showing others how they can  create their own abundant life.

The life that is FULL OF LOVE.

The one that, when my friend Yantra asked today, “Are you up for Freedom, Love and Joy in all areas of your life – being in alignment in your life?”, I replied “Yes!”

Yes, I am up for love, joy and freedom.

Yes, for ease, flow and grace in bringing in the abundant life.

I would love, if this resonates for you, to share the special gift I’ve been given, a business that makes my heart sing.

Where each day I work with Heart Centered Entrepreneurs, magical. Life changing  and so full of abundance. If this resonates for you just comment below or contact ml me 

Live Your Life Powered by Love

Dare to dream again


Suzie xxoo

This week I started The Abundance Show on my Facebook Page and it will also be on YouTube. This has been something I have been talking about for about 2 years and because of the Abundance Master series I took action. I will write a post on this later this week with all  the details- it will be a weekly show on Thursdays
The first one was  with Genevieve Kohn creator of the Abundance Masters Series featuring yours truly. A free series you can get access to here bit.ly/abundancemasters


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  1. I started to giggle when I read, “Yes, I am up for love, joy and freedom.” That’s where I’m at in life. I’m two weeks away from closing on the sale of my home and then I will have complete freedom from all that holds me in one location. As always, your words warm my heart and make me smile.

    1. Cindy, I love that- especially the giggles. Love that complete freedom- where are you going to journey too. Thank you for you commemts that make my heart sing 💜

      1. At this point, I have several places in mind that I would like to visit with no itinerary. I am allowing myself to wander, explore and let my heart lead the way. Am I a bit freaked out and overwhelmed by all this freedom? Yup, however I continue to talk to the child within who is scared and reminder her that it’s time to play… let’s go have fun. 😉

  2. This week seems to be one where the Universe is asking me to reflect on the meaning of abundance, Suzie. I was listening to a class by Robert Reeves yesterday on the same topic and here I am, getting a supplementary lesson. Love your post.

  3. I used to visualize success, abundance, and other good things daily. I’ve gotten away from it. Thanks for the reminder to get back to it. Glad to hear you find it so helpful. Even if the things don’t manifest the way you visualize, it’s positive and uplifting while you are doing it.

    What’s an “e-wallet”?

    1. I know that feeling Debbie, I did too and this year have really embraced it on a daily basis.
      An e-wallet id how I receive funds every 2 weeks from my attraction marketing business.💜

  4. I love the message of how practising self-love can lead to manifesting greater abundance. When I started loving myself more fully, it wasn’t that I was specifically intending for more money or to create some form of tangible benefit. But doors started to open up and along with them, more invitations to release deeper layers of fear for transmuting into love. Abundance – in the form of better relationships, financial breakthroughs etc – was simply the consequence from having connecting with our heart centers and having integrated spiritual shifts in the physical world.

    1. Evelyn, we have been on this journey of self love and abundance together for many years now. We both have seen the shift that comes when we truly love ourselves unconditionally and how we then manifest abundance in so many more areas of out lives.
      yes we do keep releasing and then our vibes raise higher, thank you 💜

  5. Hi Suzie, That’s so cool your little paper bag was picked out just as you visualized it. I will take time to start doing more of what you teach…there’s definitely somethings of true value there. Thank you for the invitation. I am sure your business is worth taking a look. I am going away but I may look at a webinar in the Fall. God bless 😉

    1. Hi Nathalie, thanks for you comment, yes it was such a treat to have the thoughts be put into action. I will r more on out Mondays too. Yes will talk in the fall- have a good holiday xo

  6. Good for you Suzie to be so clear and be attracting abundance into your life! I love the beautiful cards you design. They are so bright, playful, creative and colourful. Here’s to attracting abundance into our lives!

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