Follow Your Heart #dailywhisper

Are You Really Listening to the Whispers of Your Heart?

The message from the card is :

Embrace your path with love and you will find the gift your heart knows is within.

The question I asked today before I shuffled the cards was:

What will put me and keep me in flow today?

Why flow?

When I am in flow  I am powering forward with passion, purpose and  clarity.

I shuffled the cards, meditating on the question and as I shuffled and was about to stop and pick a card when Follow Your Heart fell out.

The card falling out is a significant for me as it says Suzie practice what you preach!

Well I thought I was doing this, the inkling I have is that there is still a window to my heart that is closed.

A part where I am not totally turned on and tuned into.

That part that is peeking out , wondering if there is an easier way.

Still looking out and comparing yourself to others? Sometimes before I do my own work.

Time to change that for sure!

So if I take the advice I give my clients to listen to and follow my heart whispers each day, I will be IN THE FLOW!

An interesting day to receive this message as my routine was not about to be normal. We had a house guest overnight, had a later night than I normally would have and I slept in, so my morning routine went out the window in more ways than one.

Buddhas-Diet-Book-ReviewAs we had a guest I made breakfast, something I am not currently having  5 or 6 days a week. I have been fasting from 8.30 pm until 11.30 am or later. This has been working well for me is I am sleeping better I am following the Buddha Diet. I am currently reading the Buddha’s Diet: The Ancient Art of Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind that I came aware of through a friend, Vidya Sury’s  blog post reviewing the book.

After my knee fracture my doctor told me to lose some weight, slightly challenged when I was in a knee brace! So I started on this diet and did lose 2.5 kgs (5LBS). I was surprised that I did not get hungry. I still have my turmeric drink and hot lemon  first thing and then drink water and my fresh from the garden lemongrass and mint herbal tea.

After breakfast and chatting with our cousin, I turned on my computer to check out a Genki Vibration machine with Des. We had one we had got from our neighbours last year, it broke after not being used. I loved it and knew it was good for my bones etc. We found one on sale so we ordered it and it will be here later this week. That was a total distraction 🙂

Then instead of going start to to my 4 non-negotiable morning tasks,  I peeked at my email for details of a class I was taking, and then before I knew it was down the rabbit hole!

This was a good lesson for me in knowing how I get out of the flow and lose focus.

Anyone else recognise this pattern?

So today I am accepting where I am at and see this as a clear signs from my guides, my angels – Follow your Heart 😃

My heart is saying today:

write your book and complete the website update.

So now is time to action and write a book chapter that ties in beautifully with todays daily whisper on getting the message.



 Give Me Advance Notice for Lucky to be Alive + Opportunity for a review copy


This was the day 6 years ago that I got a huge download that was my message as well as my purpose. I have just shared on my profile a memory from then. I read message that I had never replied to as I had very limited access to the internet in hospital back then.
So I am off to write that chapter and will be sharing more of my book live on my facebook page.
Open your Heart to Love: Heal and Prosper
all my love
Suzie xxx



Give Me Advance Notice for Lucky to be Alive + Opportunity for a review copy


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24 Responses

  1. Suzie, I love how you paint the picture of getting sucked down the rabbit hole, it made me laugh and nod at the same time. So easily done, I’ve been there often too. I love how you get yourself back into flow and keep the focus and motivation. You’re inspiring me to do the same, thank you xx

  2. I hear your message loud and clear, Suzie, and it is just what the doctor ordered. July was a crazy month with unexpected events that turned a lot of my plans upside down. Staying in the flow was the only way I coped and managed to complete a major website project that I honestly thought would need to be deferred.

    I believe anything is possible if we surrender ourselves to a Higher Power and move forward with love and gratitude.

    1. Vatsala we are on the same wave length I love it I agree this is what we have to do I believe anything is possible if we surrender ourselves to a Higher Power and move forward with love and gratitude. thanks for adding that . xxx

  3. As usual, I feel you! I finally got my freakin’ blogpost written. Hey I got it done this week! And now I get to read your wisdom. Thanks, sister, for being on this healing path with me.

    1. Sue i just read you post – love it in sync again, Yes this is one amazing healing path and as I get more into the book writing the more healing is coming. xxx

  4. You caught my attention about a part of the heart still being closed. I’m going to add flow imagery through my heart into my meditation. Thank you for your wisdom.

  5. You are an inspiration, Suzie. I love your honesty and ability to share your wisdom in a way that is recognizable/understandable. Let it flow, allow it to flow, embrace the flow… words to live by. Thank you!

  6. Sorry to say that my reply to this is YES… “Still looking out and comparing yourself to others? Sometimes before I do my own work. ” Enjoyed this post and all the ways to check out your new book which LOOKS FABULOUS! I have signed up, Suzie. Happy to support you. P.S. Also what good news about your healing!

    1. Lore, we can keep one another on the straight and narrow 🙂 Thanks appreciate your support. Yes knee is healing my new exercises from physio today are challenging xxx

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