What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.
~Abraham Maslow

BEach Inspiration: Be Aware of the thoughts you think and the words you speak!

I am sure you never hear yourself using these words 🙂  Today while we were walking on the beach Des commented that I had just used used 3 havta’s and a gotta in one sentence and wasn’t I the person who talked about how language effects us?


Well your vibrational bubble wouldn’t be be feeling very positive with those words flooding in!” said Des
I laughed and immediately rephrased my words to I am going to get up early so I enjoy my meditation. my day will start in a relaxed way and will flow with ease. I then said wouldn’t it be wonderful when I can spend an extra hour a day at the beach. and caught myself and changed that to It will be wonderful when I spend an extra hour a day at the beach ……..

The words we use can have such a positive or negative effect on our whole being.  It’s our choice!

What words will you use today? Will they raise your vibes?

Be Love Namaste

Suzie Cheel

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  1. Good perspective. I was in an entrepreneurship class and the instructor was really big on the response to the question, “how are you doing”? If you responded, “I’m doing good,” she would be all over you!!! “No, your are doing WELL,” would be her corrective response. It didn’t take long before everyone was doing “well” when they were asked how they were doing:)


  2. Words are like a GPS setting. They will take your vibration in which ever direction you set yourself to go. It was the very first part of LOA that I learned to be very aware of. It took a lot of practice but it was worth every effort. I recommend it highly 🙂

    1. Hi Kate,
      Love that- Words are like a GPS setting. It is so true. Yes you are correct it does take a lot of practice and even now I still slip occasionally 🙂

  3. Suzie, I love this. I learned long ago to choose my words wisely. I don’t have “problems,” I have challenges. And I don’t own something unless I want it – I’m not “sick” but I might “seem to be sick.” Good stuff!

    1. Hi Katy,
      Thank you, yes challenges rather than problems is one I learned many years ago. When we focus on what we desire we raise our vibes and transform our lives 🙂

  4. I also agree tha words re beautiful…and lately I caught myself not using them very powerfully…and my children noticed. I had a “Future Visioning” session with my practitioner and I do feel better. I woke up the last 2 days saying “I am willing and able” …That’s a good sign 😉 I will return to this post later as I read quickly throught it but I have a feeling I will get even more from it when I take my time. Thank you Suzie <3

  5. Suzie, I am new to BEach Inspiration. I like the title. It’s nice that you have a partner that helps you keep your vibration in the right place. I love talking about awareness of self talk and what we speak. I am a monitor of my own expression as well.

    1. Welcome Geri,
      Thanks I have been writing in the sand for many years and this series is new. Yes Des is great like that- when i first started using LOA he was so helpful in keeping my vibes raised.
      Sounds like we have much in common 🙂

  6. Words are so powerful. I wish I had been more aware of that when my children were young. My husband reminds me of my chatter box when I criticize myself. I am doing better but it is always good to be reminded. Thanks Suzie!

  7. Oh my goodness! Not kidding – just 10 minutes ago I used the words ‘I shoulda did … tonight” I was supposed to do this…and I stopped myself and said, well you didn’t no big deal, and laughed at my shouldas. And then I praised myself for taking some much needed rest instead of doing the shouldas, and feel better about it 🙂 Great post!!

  8. Suzie, you touched on such an important issue. The words we think and speak are so powerful! Rephrasing may seem such a small and inconsequential thing to do. Yet, without allowing ourselves to feed into our minds and speech the positive actions related to our goals the going gets awfully tough.

  9. Next step will be to take out the “will be” and make it present tense. 🙂 I am….

    I have been extra cautious lately about catching the times I use “need”. It’s funny when my son and I catch each other for accountability words. I find it hard because I find myself wanting to correct every one I meet. 🙂

    1. Hi Michele,
      Congrats on your courage 🙂 Love that you are so aware of the words you are using and catch yourself. Great you have enrolled your son in this

    1. Yes Sandra, so true. i have been joyful and full of love and happiness after that moment. It’s great t have someone to catch us and it helps us climb another rund on the ladder to transformation
      Namaste ♡♡♡
      Suzie Cheel last inspiring article.Be Authentic ~ Are You Being True To You? My Profile

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