Beach Abundance

Beach Abundance

The abundance of
the sand,
the sun and
the sea
allow me
to reflect on
the abundance
I have and
feel each day
as I walk here at
Rainbow Bay
Suzie Cheel

I do feel very blessed that each day I walk on this wonderful beach and each morning I reflect on all the abundance I do have in my life and usually say out loud what I am grateful for in my life right now. This is a wonderful way to start the day and I know that have my soulmate Des to share this with is always such a great high vibe start to my day.

How to you reflect on  the abundance you have in your life?

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4 Responses

  1. Abundance is raining down on us each and everyday… At the beaches, at the mountains and yes even in the city streets… If we raise our awareness – if we awaken our inner beings… we can see, appreciate and experience the abundance that is calling each of us….

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