Joy floods in when you are connected to the you that loves unconditionally- Suzie Cheel

BE Joy

When we experience feelings of true joy  we usually have feelings of love and are at peace within ourselves. There can be feelings of pure bliss and excitement too. The word joy for me is a feel good happy word. 

How do we get to experience those feelings that being joyful brings? Today I am sharing my story of how I found a new way that brought me to joy

On Saturday I was driving south of where I live for a weekend of Quantum Healing. This is a system of healing I am using to regrow my bones and has other wonderful positive side benefits for my healing and life.

I was deciding whether I would listen to a session on my ipod as I drove, when I heard a voice say: it’s time to do the clarity through contrast exercise with yourself. This is an exercise I use with my coaching clients that they find empowering and creates change. I usually do this on paper, on Saturday I did it verbally with myself- the next time I would record it.

So I asked myself what don’t you like about your life right now?

I allowed the answers to bubble up. These are 2 questions and answers from a list of 10 that I remember clearly.

What I Don’t Like

What I do Like

Not having total financial freedom as this stops me feeling free to to, be and have………… I love the abundance that flows from allowing myself to be present, by sharing my gifts and showing others their gifts This gives me the financial freedom that brings me feelings of joy and love in my heart. This truly makes my heart sing
Not being able to physically do want I want because of my drug induced osteoporosis and crush fractures. I love that my bones have regrown and I can run, dance, surf, lift and more, This gives me freedom and brings feeling of joy. I love my life.


What surprised me were the answers I gave myself.  Each question was answered and ended with being in joy, feeling the joy and when I stepped out of the car at Brunswick Heads I was feeling so much joy and love in my heart and felt totally present. I often forget how powerful this exercise is.

I did experience joy and today have woken up pain free, bliss.  I am delighted as I was resitting what is called Face Lift Yoga, I learned new ways on how the tools I have can support my healing as well as the joy of meeting new open-hearted people and seeing friends.

Weekly Heart Whisper Joy

So today how will you bring joy into your life?

All my love

Suzie Cheel

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12 Responses

  1. Suzie I am so glad that I took the time to stop by and read your blog. I love the exercise that you did. I love how you validated yourself and gave permission to what was going on inside of you to be expressed and then moved on to and in a space of gratitude. I also love!!!!!! that heart with that saying in it! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. This was so inspiring Suzie. Oftentimes – it really is just a matter of changing perspective. The opportunity to connect with open-hearted people through this blog challenge has brought me joy. Now I’m off to find more joys… Thanks

  3. You are so positive and so joyful, Suzie. I have had and am having some real back pain and I am doing everything I can to heal. It is a slow process and it is very helpful to hear about your healing journey. Thank you! Hugs!

    1. Dear Jean,
      I am sorry to hear you have back pain, the weekend was helpful to me as I learned some new mudras that see to be helping ease the pain- do you use EFT? Right now i am lying on the lounge with a heat pad LOL

  4. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling much better and awoke to a pain free day! I know how hard chronic pain feels and prevents us from doing all the things we want to get done.

    I’ll send a prayer for healing you way!

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