“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” –Dr. Seuss

What a surprise starting with Be You. I was planning to start with an A word and move through the alphabet I even have a whole range of words listed and  four words beginning with A that were to kick off these BEach Inspirations. Be-Words-list

Yesterday afternoon I was getting bogged down in the technicalities of my blog and my body wasn’t happy.

I read a post from my friend Zeenat 15 Positive Tips to Be Happy right NOW! that lifted my spirits and I decided to go to my happy place the beach. What a delight! I usually go to the beach in the morning for a walk, swim and to get my daily vitamin D hit that I need for my bones. I could see as we were driving there that the sky looked so inviting and I love watching a sunset.  This one was spectacular, and I took lots of pictures. The reflection of the setting sun on the water and the gulls added to the magic.

sunset at Coolangatta

I had my beach pen with me so if the waves were breaking well I could write some words for this inspiration series. The waves were good and I immediately wrote be you in the sand, it took several tries to get the perfect image.


So why Be You? As I mentioned earlier my body was not feeling happy, I knew deep down what I was doing was not feeding my soul and I know that when :

  • I am doing what I think I should be doing because others are saying that is what the way to build your list, build a better blog etc, etc,
  • I listened to a teleseminar yesterday morning on Inspired Income that SARK  recommended, it was brilliant. While it inspired me,  I knew that I was pushing my creativity aside to get stuff done. I haven’t painted for a week! I also was still paying lip service to putting my art online!
  • The to do list is just getting longer, so I get into overwhelm and the email inbox is overflowing…. EEK!
  • Looking at what others are doing!
  • Getting lost in Facebook  and the list can go on and on……..
  • Being distracted by……….. fill in the blank with with what you get distracted by.

These actions and in actions I know have me doubting myself, feeling I am not enough- How about you?   I know I am not doing the things that will empower me, move me forward and bring in the Moola! Not to mention make my heart sing and have me in alignment with the true me

So in Being You we are brought back to:

  • loving you as you are right now in this moment
  • accepting you just as you are
  • taking time to nurture you
  • being present
  • looking inside you, the answers are in there
  • making time to meditate and to journal
  • trusting you
  • liking you
  • being grateful daily and in the moment
  • just being with what is
  • maybe some mirror work

Add your ideas in the comments.  And as Dr Seuss says:

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

 Being you brings you to being present in all that you do, you become focused on what you really want in and for your life, you let go of the need to compare yourself to others- this does stop you….So what steps will you take to day to just be you, to nurture you, to accept you as you are? These were the words I wrote in my journal to myself this morning.

Today Be You and Love You!

All my love

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