be-miraculous When we play
 Magic happens
Our creativity flows and
Opens our hearts
To the love we are
And miracles occur ~ Suzie Cheel

Yes Be Miraculous!

Do you see yourself as a miracle? 

Do you expect miracles to happen in your life and to you? Or as Brad Yates asks: Do you choose to allow miracles. You can tap along with Brad The EFT Wizard in this wonderful video. 

Miracles is a popular topis at the moment:

I am reading The Law of Divine Compensation on Work Money and Miracles by Marianne Wiliamson after listening to the interview that Marie Forleo did recently with Marianne who says:

No matter what the problem, a miracle can solve it. Remember to ask for one…

and defines a Miracle as:

A shift in thinking which shifts your experience.

Then this week I listened to Margaret Lynch on Miracles on Healing With The Masters with Jennifer McLean which was very empowering and Margaret has a great video using EFT called Tapping Into Miracles

Today be a miracle


Expect Miracles

I then used My Healing with the Angels oracle deck and drew this card with the message: Miracles are occurring all around you right now. Begin to notice them and you will expect even more. You might start by just noticing the miracles that we see every day in nature that bring so much joy to my life each day and fill me with love.

 Through prayer love is received and through MIRACLES love is expressed- A course in Miracles 


Do you need to get clarity to create miracles in your life? Check out my special Creative Change  Clarity Coaching Package that includes a Card Reading plus a clarity session.

Now go notice the miracles in your life today ♥

Be love

Suzie Cheel

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9 Responses

  1. be a miracle is such a generous expression, it suggests creating something wonderful for someone. Enjoyed the tapping with Brad – it’s something I’ve tried a little, but not been at all consistent with. But I feel inspired just by reading and enjoying your photo. I think we do have to work at letting those miracles take shape in our lives.
    Beautiful Suzie 🙂

    1. Hi Jacs,
      Great that you did Brad’s Tapping- Yes getting the consistency can be a challenge! I tap ho’oponopono most morning
      Thanks for sharing you make my heat sing. Yes I know I have to do more work on allowong the miracles to be in my life
      so let’s expect a miracle 🙂

  2. You are so right! Seeing the miracles that are already appearing in my life was a big challenge for me. I was TOTALLY taking small things for granted. Shifting from that space to where I am now took some time and some conscious effort but it was so WORTH IT! I do expect miracles now. When I don’t know the answer I can often be heard to say “who knows. A miracle may just have to be the thing that figures that one out for me” Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t but what always does happen is my letting go of what is causing the stress. 🙂

    1. Kate
      Such inspiration. I love that you do expect miracles now and how special is that feeling that you get when you let go . I like the question ‘ Who Knows”
      Thanks for you valuable contribution

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