What Can I Celebrate Today?

I drew this card on Thursday from the new deck of Inquiry Cards that Sylvia Nibley sent me recently. I am loving the daily question that emerges after shuffling the cards and asking: how may I serve today. I have been journaling on the question and sharing it on my Facebook page.

Something took me away from journaling on Thursday so the card was still sitting there waiting for my response.

The day before I had been on an Energy Intention call with Joy Holland and I came away from that call ready to celebrate at each step. Interesting that I drew the  celebrate card the day after.

Celebration keeps your heart open ~ Joy Holland

Joy shared how she celebrated each day with joy and in the moment and I was reminded of a conversation  Joy and I had on July 16th 2012. She asked my how I was going to celebrate the milestone of being alive!

I made a video then asking the question: How do you celebrate your life?

Seems I have let that practice slip. 🙂

Time to answer the Inquiry card question:

What can I celebrate?

and the list goes on, it’s about checking in on the small things and celebrating, as Joy puts it the small steps


How can we celebrate?

I am sure you have some great ways to share to:)

 How can you celebrate today?


with love and gratitude

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥

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33 Responses

  1. Suzie,

    You are talking my language. In fact, I’m on the schedule at a local wellness/fitness center to do a workshop in Feb called CELEBRATE YOU! I love to celebrate life and the moments in it. I will gladly add my celebration list with you (well, actually just a few things because I have MANY!)
    Today I celebrate:
    1) Receiving a lovely testimonial from a client on my writing coaching
    2) Confirmation regarding the CELEBRATE YOU! workshop in Feb by the center’s owner
    3) A potential client said YES! to my proposal
    4) A fantastic interview with Minette Riordan, author of The Artful Marketer
    5) Vacuuming my car
    6) Cooking a healthy dinner (most of the time my hubby does)
    7) Walking in nature for 1 hr
    As I said, these are just a few of MANY…love it! It feels great to write this down…it feeds the soul! Thanks Suzie!

  2. Beautiful post and I love your artwork Suzie! So glad to see you as a member of Visionary Female Authors. You just inspired me to share more of my own words and art on my blog and in public. Thank you for that! But to the topic at hand, celebration. I have this conversation with my clients and even more often with my husband. People are so hard on themselves and it’s quite heartbreaking. I feel like my role as their coach is often just to be there cheerleader and to reflect their success back to them. As I was reading your post today, I realized, how often am I celebrating the small things? and doing small things that bring me joy? Thank you for this beautiful reflection and I am off to my journal, too!!

    1. Hi Minette,

      Your comment makes my heart sing- I love that I have inspired you to share more of you- part of my purpose. I celebrate that. Asking the question has been wonderful for me to realize that I wasn’t celebrating the small things that light up my life

  3. This is beautiful. I am so task-focused I often forget this. It feels like celebration happens in a part of our brains on which we often keep the door closed. You remind me to open that door and celebrate a quiet, productive day; a responsive graphic designer; a happy child; a snuggly dog; and so much more! When I remember to celebrate, my life is like a stream of joy.

    1. Hi Chara,
      yes celebration does not have to have all the bells and whisles of a party, I like how Candi put it: each time we pause to give thanks or to enjoy a blessing is an internal act of celebration. We can see giving thanks or using our daily gratitude as a form of simple celebration.
      I love : When I remember to celebrate, my life is like a stream of joy.♡

  4. Suzie,

    This is SO beautiful! I just have to comment.

    I have so many things to celebrate, but I’ll list a few:

    My beautiful family.
    Every day that I wake up feeling well.
    Such interesting work.
    The lovely souls I’ve met online (like you!)

    I love this practice! Thank you for it.


  5. My mantra for this year is blessed and I’m mostly blessed that I can celebrate everything in my life the great moments and the moments that bring me to my knees. All have information that I can use in my life. Thank you for beautiful reminder to celebrate!

  6. I easily find reasons to celebrate because I love it, but your post gives me fresh ideas! I think each time we pause to give thanks or to enjoy a blessing is an internal act of celebration.

    1. Hi Candi and welcome, I love how you have put that each time we pause to give thanks or to enjoy a blessing is an internal act of celebration- I might just use that if that is okay with you♡

  7. A couple of months ago, I lost my job. While my boss was talking to me, deep inside I thought, am I feeling some relief? After all I was getting a benefit for being retrenched. I grieved but I thought it was an opportunity to test my toes into doing business. I swam into the sea of what I thought was a sea of uncertainty. Christmas and new Year came and I celebrated with my family joyfully. We claimed 2015 as a good year for us. I started this new life in a positive way and I can see it bearing fruit early too!

  8. Oh my goddess Suzy, those cards are exquisite! This is actually one of my favourite questions to ask at the end of each day… what can I celebrate. I recently created a JOY Jar and at the end of the day I write a note about what brought me joy and into the jar it goes. I celebrate being healthy and living in Australia where I get to enjoy diving into the amazing ocean in my backyard whenever I choose;) Often times people think that in order to celebrate there has to be some huge event but I find there’s so much to celebrate in things often taken for granted.
    Thanks for sharing your heart whispers!
    joyful blessings,Tina

    1. Welcome Tina,
      Yes they are, I love that a joy jar- yes that would be a great question to ask each day. I have a gratitude jar I am yet to decorate, I think I will add Joy in with ceebration and gratitude

      Yes we have so much we can celebrate each day we are blessed
      Thanks for dropping buy and sharing you energy
      namaste Suzie xx

  9. Celebration is so important. A friend recently gave me a jar of wrapped chocolates, but I can only take one out if I pop in a note of something to celebrate or be grateful that day. At the end of the year I’ll have a jar of notes from all the things worth celebrating! Simple ideas are often the best. I’ll be celebrating my 50th year this year. That’s a biggie! Thanks Suzie xx

    1. Welcome Krishna,
      I love, love that idea, I have started a gratitude jar this year, the chocolates would be a wonderful incentive too. What a brilliant idea- do share a photo
      Yes 50 is a biggie looks like you are starting well
      Suzie xx

  10. I LOVE the Inquiry Cards! I have a deck too and love drawing a new card, placing it in the beautiful wooden stand that comes with them and pondering or meditating on the daily question.

    Yesterday, my eight year old daughter decided to celebrate the second birthday of her favorite stuffed toy – a skunk. A month ago, she randomly picked a date, wrote it on the calendar we keep in the kitchen and counted down the days. I baked a birthday cake for the occasion. We got Skunkie a little house to sleep in and a new collar that the kids wrapped up. We sang Happy Birthday and had a wonderful time.

    After the festivities, we thought it was so wonderful to have something to celebrate “for no reason.” So we dreamed up a birthday for each month of the year for pets with unknown birthdays and for other treasured stuffed toys.

    I also remember having un-birthdays growing up. We would have a small celebration on the same day of the month as our birthdays every month.

    Even if you don’t feel that you have something to celebrate, you can always celebrate being alive.

    Anticipating a celebration can also brighten your days for all the days leading up to the event.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Paige,
      Yes the cards are a treasure. Thank you so much for sharing your daughters celebration of skunkie, made my heart smile and I love that you have dreamed up even more celebrations.

      Love the imagination and spontaneity of children we can all marvel in
      Suzie xx

  11. Hello Suzie!

    Everyday my life is a gift filled with fun surprises. I celebrate this every single day.

    I am whole and complete exactly as I am…another great celebration!

    I am physically fit, healthy, and at my optimal weight – I am celebrating every single time I make healthy choices that are right for me 🙂

    LOVE this post!!


  12. Suzie,

    I celebrate you and your heart that shines through every piece of your artwork.

    I celebrate every breath I take (with or without a subsequent coughing fit).

    I celebrate the sunshine that’s luring me to go outside for a walk (soon, very soon!).

    I celebrate my art journal, and my increasing level of chutzpah as I try things out.

    I celebrate the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius and this months Mercury retrograde (yes, I said it and I mean it!).


    1. Well Sue you had my heart smiling and singing as I read your comment, love what you have shared and thank you. Reading your words says to me more heartscape painting I feel coming on- maybe that is the shift for the new moon
      Suzie xx

  13. Suzie, I love these cards! I have a difficult time staying with open journaling – meaning just opening to a blank page and trying to write. Seeing how you use these cards is an inspiration. Having a question asked each day is the perfect way to go. I hope your an affiliate because I bought a deck through your link above. I love the images too.

    1. Hi Diane,
      Thank you yes I discovered there was an affiliate program as I was writing this 🙂 I have been thinking of doing something similar with my heart whisper cards coming soon. Yes the question does provide a prompt. While you are waiting for the cards to arrive you could ask yourself ” How May I serve?” or what am I grateful for is a good writing starter. Welcome and thanks for visiting and commenting

  14. Great reminder Suzie – it’s so easy to focus on the big wins and lose the momentum and abundance there is to feel in acknowledging the small stuff. After all, celebrating is about more than simply checking items off your list 🙂

    1. Hi Marla,

      You are so right about celebration being more that checking things off a list, it’s the feeling you have as you check that thing off the list. thanks for dropping by ♥

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