Heartt Whisper #28

When Do Your Believe That You Are Perfect In This Moment?

“When we se the perfection that we are, then we see how simple life truly is. Sometimes it is getting to the perfection that we are is the challenge. “ ~ Suzie

The title of today’s blog post and the words of the heart whisper came from last weeks post on Chocolate Slabs and Keeping it Simple. Kat Kanovos said in her comment :

Suzie, you hit the nail right on it’s simple little head when you said life is simple, we keep adding complicated layers to it. Yes we do! We want to perfect perfection because life is perfect in all it’s perfections just like the painting.

and I replied:

Yes when we see the perfection that we are then we see how simple life truly is. Some times it is getting to see the perfection that is us, is the challenge

How do we go about seeing ourself as perfect?

I came up first with a mirror exercise. How many of you do mirror work? Here is a video I made on doing mirror work


I am perfect Suzie, ( insert your name here) absolutely perfect just as I am


This perfection is not the perfection I talked about recently in a post. That’s the perfectionism that stops us and for me keeps me from sharing my gifts with the world and allows for incompletions.  This perfection is about being true to ourself, listening to the whispers of out heart and accepting our magnificence.

It is about letting go of  “bad’ thought about yourself, about not being wrong or not enough- we are always enough and when we truly love,value ourselves and follow our heart, our purpose, our bliss will come forth. Sometime we have to be patient and allow the unfolding to take place. I know for those of us who like to be action gal or guy that can be challenging.

From experience I can tell you it is worth the patience  and taking time to love and really value you. You might be surprised at what you discover.

I hear you say, that’s not so easy Suzie. I know 🙂 Start with the mirror work. Use the image above as a screen saver, write the word out on a post-it. Now you are enough!


Do you see you as perfect?

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with love and gratitude

from my ♡ to yours ♡

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47 Responses

  1. Dear Suzie,
    Hi! Thank you for ALL your inspirations & Pictures & affirmations.
    Regarding each of us being perfect. My spirtual teacher taught that where ever you are, what ever you are, is perfect or you would not be there/it. Also, if you keep reaffirming that you are perfect, it will change ones patterns into thinking/knowing that you are perfect!
    An interesting thing that I’ve been doing….. When people ask
    you “How are You?” Reply Perfect! It is amazing to see the responses
    that one gets. Everything from disbelief to agreement & usually a smile. Let me know what you get.
    Love & Blessings,

    1. Shelley I just love you comment. I am going to do that when someone asks how i am : I am perfect. I will note their responses.
      Yes we are all perfect , it is just we cover our being perfect in the moment with layers and then we forget:) Very wise spiritual teacher.
      Love and blessings to you Suzie xx

  2. Thank you, Suzie, for the uplifting inspiration. What a breath of fresh air! Love, Love, Love this article.

  3. Great article Suzie. I believe we can all benefit from the mirror work and remind ourselves: “I am enough.” Self acceptance can be challenging at time. It’s easy enough to carry a mirror with you and pull it out when needed.

  4. Good stuff! I still find it easier to accept the perfection in others… but love the moments of grace when I get to apply that acceptance to myself. Thank you.

    1. Yes Andrea, I understand perfectly what you are saying and the more we can accept and value “YOU” the closer we become to our own perfection ♡♡♡

  5. I am the am that I am. I am no longer at war with perfectionism or the curse of enough. I am all that I am and more. Imperfectly perfect…and loving my life <3

  6. I absolutely love this blog post Suzie! So uplifting! I really enjoy your format and pictures also. Just a delight to read! 🙂

  7. Suzie I <3 this post and I totally resonate with the perfectionism from my past. It's reminding ourselves when we are in these moments of doubt that we are enough 🙂

  8. Oh this is so beautiful, Suzie. And I was so drawn to your artwork at the top, I had to remind myself to keep reading. 🙂

  9. Suzie. . . it is true that us humans complicate life when it truly is simple. Here’s my thoughts on being perfect. I am who I am today. Tomorrow when I cooperate with growth and change, I will be slightly different and that will be okay. I am who I am at any given moment and as long as I accept that truth and remain open to the newness of “me” in the next moment – I am being perfected!



    1. Linda, love what you have written especially when I cooperate with growth and change, – we all have that choice and when we simplify it we make it easier on us. ♡

  10. Suzie,

    Thank you for the wonderful Mirror Exercise video. Oh that would be a hard one for me (which means I need to do it!), but I can see how it would be very good for me. I have gotten a lot more positive in my self talk and affirmations, but I still have a ways to go.

  11. Suzie,

    I appreciated how you went on to explain what you meant by perfection. That desire to do everything perfectly has certainly slowed the progress many of us could have made in personal growth or growth in our business. On the other hand, having confidence of your worth can made a huge difference in how one shows up in life.

    Thank you for showing up and being such a spark of light and encouragement for me and others for as long as I’ve known you.

    1. Sandra I know it is a very special feeling and sometimes as in my case might take a while to integrate. I know mine has . Recently i got a message to reread something I had got from Sonia Choquette when i was doing her Heart’s desire course.
      I know when i first got her wisdom I filed it away, as I read it last week, my heart opened as I reread her words: “You are a natural champion of others and a true healer and artist. This is your purpose. to uplift and create beauty. It now all makes sense” I see and feel it now I no longer say who me 🙂 ♡

  12. Loved your ‘mirror’ video Suzie… I’ll give it a go, need to get through the complicated layers!! … you certainly teach with great passion 🙂
    Not sure about perfect, but I accept me as me… funny how the perfectionism creeps in though when facing the world.
    I’m hearing you 🙂

    1. Jacs, I love seeing your smiling face, Start by just stopping for a second in front of any mirror, it does make a shift in your love for you. yes seeing you are perfect can be a challenge which is why i thought add it in as a mirror practice. I need it as perfectionism is a killer for me too 🙂
      Thanks for your passion comment makes my heart sing ♡

  13. Great message Suzie. I think that LOVE can be perfect. God loves us no matter what. Knowing that we are loved in this way makes me feel light and inspired. I don’t see myself as perfect but I know I am enough.

    1. Hi Nathalie and great to see you here, Love your comment, I know that when we accept that we are enough we can begin to see ourselves as perfect – I am hearing this is a new way we will become. ♡

    1. love that Diane yes once we accept that we are what we are as you say does come with age- imagine if children were guided this way from birth- so much mire love and peace in the world xx

  14. Inspiring as always Suzie. I must admit that even though I fully comprehend your message, I prefer to never use the term “perfect” when thinking about who I am. I like acknowledging that I’m a work in progress and valuing all my imperfect bits and pieces. Even with that – you are so right about the importance of knowing in your heart we are each “enough.” 🙂

    1. I agree about perfect normally. After a session with a spirit guide friend, I understand that to move forward I need to see how I am in this moment as perfect. I was picked up on using the word “WRONG” I agree we are all a work in progress and loving each step increases our self-worth xx

  15. As someone with perfectionism tendencies (which thankfully I am overcoming with age), I have learned to say “I am enough.” It’s all about self-acceptance – flaws and all – and loving and respecting yourself. And oh yes, we all tend to make life more complicated than it is – I am certainly guilty of that! Thanks for the reminders, Suzie.

  16. Lovely post, Suzie! That is the rick, isn’t it? Admitting to our own perfection! Sadly, we are so schooled in our supposed ‘imperfection’ it takes some serious intention to accept a new model. Thanks for such a stimulating post. xox, Reba

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