Do You Know Which Way You Are Going?

How to decide on which way to take…… This way or that…… The way the looks safe The way that seems exciting The way that is daring Which one will I take Will I choose the one that is safe And comfortable Will I be daring and take a risk Yes I will I’ll take […]

Does a Deadline Excite You or Almost Make You Cry?


Do You Like  A Deadline? Deadlines are boundaries that help us to adjust and monitor our motivation. Des and I were talking about this on one of our beach walks recently. I am not partial to goals and Des reminded me how I respond to a deadline. When I had my textile art business, I […]

Are you a Linchpin? Or Does Your Lizard Brain Stop You?

Resistance from Linkchpin

Do you get stopped when you know you are ready to be the artist who ships? Does The Lizard Brain stop you. This is where the resistance comes in…… The lizard brain is that little voice inside your head that tells you that it’s too risky or that you should just follow orders. It is […]

Healing The Corporate World:Maria Gamb Change Agent

Change the Norm. Change the World Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 8 of the Virtual Blog Tour for Healing the Corporate World by author Maria Gamb, whose tag line is  Change The World, Change The Norm Listen to Maria talk about how her book came about, her story, […]