There is a Fork In The Road: Which Path Will I Take?

Fork In The Road

Know what you are going to do  and then do it and don’t backslide. If you make a mistake make a glorious one. It’s like the man who comes to the tree at the fork in the road and says, “Which way shall I go, this way or that?” Go! Take one way and go. […]

Is Your Ego Your Friend?

Does Your Ego Stop You From Moving Forward? You might see yourself in this story……Friday I had a big aha and knew that I was moving forward. My computer kept giving my the message that it was almost out of memory!!! My mac had recently been at the Apple DR for some serious repairs and […]

The Power of Self Acceptance

My Morning Message Each Morning after I have meditated and been grateful  I choose from one of my many decks of oracle cards and draw a card for the day. Today’s card reminded me of an affirmation I developed many years ago when doing Insight 1  20 years ago I am strong creative and free, […]

Are You Ready To Take Action?


Or Do You Hold Yourself Back? Do you sometimes have a task to do that you know will both empower you and move you forward? Today I took action on a exercise that will create space, clear the clutter and give me and the space I live and work in more energy. I have been […]