Mother, Mum, Mom, Ma, Mama or Mamma some of the the names we call other mothers.

I always called my mother Mum  and on Mother’s Day yesterday my brother Roger and I reminisced and shared memories of our Mum. The good times and the what were probably some very trying times for her.

She was one very special person, although as rebellious teenager I didn’t always see those wonderful qualities that I know she had. That changed in later years and I had a very special bond with Mum. Recently I was reminded of her special qualities when I was asked for the eulogy I had written for Mum’s funeral back in January 2001. Looking through a box of photos and memories I  came across cuttings from the local newspaper the Canberra Times where my mother’s volunteer work was featured. I then found the eulogy and retyped it.

Gwladys Cheel

Gwladys May Cheel,  was a devoted wife, a loving mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, aunt, great aunt, a friend to so many, a tireless volunteer, a pioneer, a builder of this city and this community. She was very much a part of the history of Canberra and of this community of Ainslie where she lived for 50 years…….She is a shining example of someone who has left a legacy – a legacy of service and commitment – and who has touched so many lives. Thank you Mum – you made a real difference in this often very ordinary world and now you have the peace you richly earned.– These are some words from the eulogy I wrote back in 2000

Today I celebrate you mum, your love of life, of people and the legacy you left that I am so proud of. Your passion for people, conversation, your inquiring mind, your cooking, knitting and sewing. You taught me to love books, music theatre, craft, art and movies too. I still remember one of the last movies we went to see together was The Making of an American Quilt- a movie I still love to watch. We shared so many good times together, the time we went to The Edinburgh Festival and watched the Tattoo, when I wheeled you around the National Art Gallery in Melbourne and the little books of saying that you collected that I still read today. I have put a copy of the eulogy here for those who would like to read more.

Thank you Joy for birthing this post, for your words and the question in your beautiful post Mother’s Day is a Celebration of Birth.                                                                   

We each have a mother.
You have an inner child whispering–sometimes screaming–for your attention, approval, appreciation.
How you treat this inner child in thought, word and action is a reflection of your mothering skills.
We are each a mother.
Can you feel the connection?  We are mothers.  Each one of us.

So when I drew this Angel Card this morning Listen  from The Daily Guidance cards and then read the message on the card and then the booklet said: You received this card because the angels are trying to get thought to you, they ask you to talk less and listen more and then as I was about to post this my site vanished.  I think I need to take more time to listen to my inner child 🙂


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Be love

Suzie Cheel

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