Working with The Color Yellow and The Third Chakra

Yellow is the color of sunshine, bananas,  lemons, sunflowers, saffron, topaz, ochre and citrine.
Yellow is the color of the third chakra our solar plexus. This is the  warrior chakra and maybe our most challenging chakra. This chakra determines what we believe about ourselves, it is where we develop our self esteem and become empowered.

Sonia Choquette in True Balance: A Commonsense Guide for Renewing Your Spirit says it is the point of origin of your most fundamental intuitions, inviting you to take charge of your life and follow your hunches and guiding impulses completely. It is the source of determination and conviction. Without such power we would never be able to lead the kind of life we really want. Her prayer is : I am in charge of my life. I decide what is important and meaningful. I set clear boundaries and honor those of others. I surrender my personal will to divine will.

I have spent longer on working with my third chakra. This is maybe the area I have been challenged by in the past. Now I do feel more empowered and know that when I do believe and listen to my gut feeling that I am embracing my power and becoming more charismatic and also stepping into leadership. This is also about choice and letting go of all old hurts. it is about taking responsibility and being accountable for one’s own action and decisions.

This is also where our fear factor develops and the one area where so often one can get stopped – I know I have- from doing what really juices us and sharing our brilliance with the world. When we show up, embrace our heart’s desire and bring our body into alignment with our heart

This has been another empowering week of painting purely by intuition. Yellow for me is a happy bright color and it was a week of painting with joy.

Share you experiences with the color yellow and the solor plexus chakra below

The next color prescription with be green and the fourth, heart chakra next week.

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Be inspired, be empowered, be the change and make a difference TODAY! And remember to have FUN

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6 Responses

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this exciting info about Yellow. Maybe that’s why I love lemons so, and use them in most of my foods. 🙂

    I don’t know much about chakras, and your writing has encouraged me to do a search. I’ve also not read your first two color reviews and will search for those.

    Great writing!


    1. Hi Cindy,
      You make my heart sing. I have a hot lemon first thing every morning and love lemon too. I know lots about chakras what I am finding is that working with True Balance is bringing both balance and insight
      thanks look forward to hearing from you again

  2. When I decided to change my life some years back, I began to learn about chakras. I soon realized that my third chakra was where I needed to do a lot of work. Interesting that yellow was not my favorite color! Thanks for a colorful perspective on this topic!!

    1. Hi Galen,
      Fascinating this is where I am still working on and like you yellow not a fave for me either

  3. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everthing….yellow has been a favourite of mine for so long. I was obsessed with sunflowers and happiness and when I learned that there was nothing to fear and only fun to be had, as I connected with higher self and All That Is, I released my obsession with yellow and stepped into my power..happy and free. I’m loving your prescriptions. Anne x

    1. Hi Anne,
      wow that is interesting as to releasing the in your words obsession with yellow- I wonder if that is true of other colors and how we react to them. I am so happy that these are inspiring you 🙂

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