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Day 9: Heart Whisper Gratitude Challenge: Go Within To Find Your Heart’s Desire

Day 9 Gratitude challenge

I feel strong when I am being true to the whispers
of my heart. I still my mind and I go within.
I ask. I listen. I trust. – Suzie Cheel

Welcome to Day 9 of The Heart Whisper Gratitude Challenge: Today it is time to go within and be grateful from that inner place

(If you’re only just catching up with us today go here first to find out what you need to do to get ready or just start at the day you have arrived at. The previous days are listed at the bottom of each post in PINK)

I love this card! Today’s guidance from the angels card  is   What Do You Desire?

What do you desire

Message from the card: “You now have the opportunity to write the script according to our true hearts desire. Once you clearly decide upon your true desires and know that you are ready and deserving of them, they’ll rush into your life as if by magic.”

Are you still looking outside your self for the answers to what you will do next. You MUST decide what you want before change can take place. Take time out to mediate on your true heart’s desire, really clarify what you do want. 🙂 

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Today’s Activity:  

  1. Is to first write down five things you are grateful for today
  2. Count your blessings one by one as you started to on Day 6. 
  3. Do the heart whisper exercise in the video below ( it starts at 1.47)


“Learn to get in touch with silence within yourself, and know that everything in this life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from.”
~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Until tomorrow keep touching your gratitude rock and counting your blessings and seeing the abundance that you already have.

If you need help getting clarity just contact me or click here

Thank you  for joining the challenge.  Don’t forget to invite your friends!  The more energy we create, the more fun we will have and the more love and abundance we will bring to the our lives and the world 
 with love and gratitude
from my  ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥

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10 thoughts on “Day 9: Heart Whisper Gratitude Challenge: Go Within To Find Your Heart’s Desire”

  1. Your posts make me so happy, Suzie!

    I am grateful for this blogging challenge

    I am grateful for my ‘rock steady’ support system

    I am grateful for being able to CREATE

    I am grateful for PET-LEASHES 😛 – my dog had such a fun time basking in the sun this morning, and I didn’t have to worry about him at all, thanks to a stake and a leash 😉

    I am grateful for just being alive


    LOTS of love
    Krithika Rangarajan recently posted…Too Much Control, Too Little CheerMy Profile

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