Detours On Your Journey To FreedomI had what you might call a bad start to the day, I got up early 4.30am to journal before I listened to a 5.00am workshop that I was looking forward to.

The link wouldn’t work when I went to zoom, then I thrashed around trying to find out where the link was, re-signup, all of those things you do.

Suddenly it dawned on me to check the date. As my friends on the other side of the world say – I live in the future, so instead being a day ahead I was a day late!

Then I was online, not my current practice before I have done my morning rituals, now days not before I do my beach story and live.

Anyway, the browser was open, so I checked out  the website of Carrie Green who was running the workshop that my friend Harmoni had recommended. I do have her book, She Means Business, on order.

That took me down another path, wow back on the bright shiny object trail – ego smiling and thinking “You can’t stay on one path, can you?” The path to freedom!

So an hour or so later I was feeling disappointed with myself. I had done my morning prayer, welcome in the day, ritual. The journaling, meditation, exercises not done.

I was unaligned!

Beating myself up.

I then realised that I need to realign myself or I would spend the whole day being confused and inefficient.

Then it was time for the beach, my place of clarification and inspiration. Where I raise my vibes.

Not to mention my resident beach coach, Des Walsh.

As we talked I started having light bulb moments!

As Des said it was a light bulb beach day.

The light bulbs were about the risk of looking at yet another system, more books to read, more webinars to do, not going within and not taking action.

My heart whispers totally out of the loop.

But then, sometimes we have to venture out to go within.

What I have got clarity on is that this weekend I am focused on decluttering and getting set to have new weeks when I give priority to my inner wisdom and daily action, that is focussed on my laptop lifestyle business and my art.

Both of these light me up

The thing that does mystify me about this morning is that yesterday I had several lightbulb moments that shifted my consciousness, my mind: they were empowering. I felt it through my body. I felt energised and my vibes were raised.

The real inner awareness I had as I drew a line in the sand.

So I had to ask myself why late yesterday I thought that signing up for a webinar was going to solve some of my current challenges.  

I  am now asking myself how much more information do I need to take in, to take daily action to move forward on my journey to freedom.  

This is also a pattern I recognise that I repeat.

I am on a path to mastering something new, in my current case, my abundance mindset and neurosculpting. Then here I am, again, jumping onto something new before completing what I am currently reading and  working with.

A pattern I am now changing. This was like a wakeup call

Why do we forget that the answers are within?

It is easier to look outside until we truly embrace the love that we are.

We can look in the mirror and say:

“I love you, I really love you”, and feel it.

To manifest our dreams we have to love ourselves unconditionally and trust our inner knowing.

Then we allow the abundance to flow.

Out of confusion came clarity.

I will now use my clarity through contrast process to map out my next weeks to ensure that I am moving forward on that journey to freedom.

Do you have some lightbulb moments that have given you a real wake up call?

Caused you to stop and go within?

Please share in the comments.

With gratitude and love


Be Powered By Love

PS If you would love to get clarity to move forward book a session with me

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  1. Suzie, I’m all too aware of the “bright shiny object” syndrome. Well now atleast I am aware of it…in the past I would be all distracted and didnt even know where the time went 🙂 Now, I don’t begin something new till I have finished the previous thing. Has helped me stay focus and on path. Going within is far easier with lesser distractions 🙂

  2. Loved the story, as I resonate with the process, or non-process, you described, Suzie! Some times I love just wandering to whatever interests me and follow the leads as they show up. Other times, I find it challenging to focus and want to be out there, exploring and finding new things to inspire me. Ultimately when I do have to sit down and focus, or to write, I am able to do it. Our world presents more and more diversions, so the key is to be aware of when you are too far out and to come back within. We can also be too far in and need to be mindful to find our own balance of being out and being in. xo

    1. Thank you Beverley, I love the wandering to , just on slight challenge is that so often I get totally sidetracked and lose focus and then the incompletions mount and self sabotage raises it’s head! True about being too far in. I have to say more journaling and meditation are powerhouses for me xxoo

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this story Suzie. I really resonate with the message that if we don’t go within, we go without. That resonates on so many levels and is a powerful reminder that we are whole, complete and magnificent just as we are. Pausing to recognize all that I already am is critical on my path of self-nurturing and having practices that allow me to go within regularly really help with that. Sending you much love and thanks!

    1. Thanks you for your words and thoughts they touched my heart like i heard it smile 🙂 We have to remember this- we are whole, complete and magnificent just as we areI just wrote magnificent on Lore’s comment and here you have used it too Now to remember daily xxoo

  4. Love your light bulb metaphor and how you allowed the unfolding of your true path. I find when I stop and go with the flow of energy I’m always led in the divine direction I’m intended to go. This is true freedom as you speak so beautifully about! <3

  5. Totally loved the light bulb metaphor . We have experiences in life that usually serve as our wake up call. It’s so refreshing when we get aligned and on track.

  6. I’ve had my share of shiny object trails that have made me angry with myself as well as light bulb moments, Suzie. I’ve taken some hard decisions this year where I will focus 90% of my attention on activities that give results. It’s working so far – no more JV list building campaigns that add the wrong people to my list i.e. not my market, only attend webinar replays if it is a topic that I need to know more about, stick to my morning rituals and don’t log on to the internet before that plus take consistent action on what really matters. It has simplified things and I am moving forward.

    As a good measure for accountability, I wrote and published my 6th Kindle book on Shiny Objects – now I have to walk my talk and stay on track. 🙂

    1. Vatsala, yes I get the angry with myself- beat up on Suzie moments too. Yes i know we have to make some hard decisions to really live the life we want. Yes to daily rituals and consistent action, thanks for sharing your wisdom xo

  7. Suzie, I just had to chuckle as I read your blog because I have had the same kind of day where I just seem to be rowing my boat against the tide and upstream. Like your friend, I live on a different timeline that is actually timeless so, occasionally I don’t even know what day it is, LOL! But, I have learned to thrive in that place in time and space and ride the winds of Life’s tornadoes like a horse. Sometimes the best way to find yourself is to get lost first. Loved your blog.

    1. Hi Kathleen, love that you chuckled! I love this. Sometimes the best way to find yourself is to get lost first. And for me at the moment more than once but I am getting there. Maybe I need to accept the timelessness of life! thank you xo

  8. I can totally relate to this syndrome! Over the past month, I had added one more thing I “should” do to my weekly schedule. After a few weeks, I checked in with my heart (and the results) and cut it out because it didn’t feel in alignment with what my heart is calling me to do. I’m back to the basics that feel right for me. Over time (and it has taken years), I’ve trained myself to pass on new courses and books until I’ve completed what’s in front of me. All that stuff mentally piling up just adds more stress that I certainly don’t need. It helps to use mindfulness in making choices about bringing new things into my life.

  9. I sure can relate to the “bright shiny object” syndrome. I’ve got books, e-courses, and other projects started and sitting there. I find it all too easy to let my inner wisdom and compasss get drowned out by all the noise of the “shoulds” Thanks for this reminder to go within!

  10. I found myself laughing at myself as I read this Suzie. I have so many courses and seminars still waiting for me to work through them. The next shiny object syndrome was certainly something I suffered from…until I said…no more. There’s always something new and maybe wonderful to learn…but I’ve become much more discriminating over the years…taking better care of myself and my time.

    I love those lightbulb moments…and congratulations on having so many of them. They really are eye openers. 🙂

    1. Love that Elle. yes over the years so distracted, once you have the knowing of who you are and your true path, we have clarity , that brings more love and abundance to our lives. xo

  11. What a cool story And how neat that you didn’t end up on that webinar like you’re supposed to. Actually bought you two words with you’ve been working on and I have planted you for recognizing it! 😍 By the way, we are all still do that… The shiny object at the well great reading thanks for sharing!

  12. Thank you for this! 💜 I have been absorbing & absorbing more & more information, trying to get a point when I know the answers to where my path should take me next… Yet, really, I am stalling.

    I need to trust in myself & my instincts & the information i have already invested in & TAKE ACTION with it if I am to realize my goals.

    1. Welcome and thank you Reta. did you read my last post? Are you blocking your own abundance? I understand that stalling process – reach out if you want any support with this process. I have lots of references, including having a NDE which is where my Heart Whisper Oracle cards were born from. Yes trust and love are big on this journey to what I call freedom xo

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