Self-Love Secrets Interview with author Evelyn Lim

Self-love secrets by Evelyn Lim

 Self-Love Secrets will inspire, empower and uplift you on your own self-love journey. Evelyn shares her own journey to self-love and I found myself relating closely to many of the stages that Evelyn has experienced and writes about. The path to self-love is as both Evelyn and I have found is a journey that we both began many years ago and are still on today.

Evelyn outlines the Seven Keys to self-love in the book and these seven keys  provide a wonderful starting point whether you are starting out on the self-love journey or already on the path. The tools and tips are practical and will help you move closer inner peace, loving yourself unconditionally and raise you vibrations to attract abundance into all areas of your life. I love how Evelyn has used her own stories, stories from real live people and what for me was really special was the use of fables.
Ready to really embrace your own self-love journey? Make sure you read Self-Love Secrets today.

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MP 3 of the interview

Evelyn Lim is the author to the book “Abundance Alchemy: Journey of Gold”. She is also co-author to “Adventures in Manifesting: Success and Spirituality” together with other well-known authors such as Dr Joe Vitale and Dr Fred Alan Wolf (teachers from The Secret), and Dr Brian Tracy. Professionally, she is a life coach, intuitive consultant and vision board counselor from Singapore.

Evelyn enjoys sharing with others the message: “Change begins with you. Be a luminary of love and light.” Her personal creed stems from the importance of aligning with the true self in order to consciously manifest for abundance. It arose from her personal journey into greater self-love. Buy Self- Love Secrets HERE.

Evelyn intends to live her best possible life, and by doing so, inspire others to do the same. Highly passionate, she is dedicated to doing work as a creative expression of who she is. She now assists her clients and readers with shifting to higher vibrational energy states.

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20 Responses

    1. Hi Justin,
      Wow you make my heart sing and love that you are a fan, just discovered we were not connected on twitter or fb- you have inspired me st start a power new list for PD bloggers

  1. Suzie and Evelyn,
    Wow…it was so, so wonderful to see and hear both of you!

    And, Evelyn, I love what you have created with this new book of yours – what a great resource to really focus on loving ourselves (and when we do…we also just become that much more genuinely loving toward the world around us, too).


  2. Thank you for sharing this, great interview! I too love Skype ;P

    After speaking to thousands of survivors of trauma from incest to rape to neglect, for years I have seen that the simple act of self love and changing how you talk to yourself in your head is the most important step in healing with the biggest bonus at the end – love!

    Thanks! I will share this. Great to discover you as well!


    1. Hi Angela,
      Welcome love seeing new faces here. Yes wonderful to discover you too and you website- love that you are multitalented too:)
      Thanks for sharing I do appreciate you

      1. @Suzie Cheel, You are very welcome and ditto!

        My focus has been to inspire and empower people to heal and lead joyful lives, no matter what they’ve been through. I tend to address that even in my books and screenplays.

        I started in order to have archives of information for survivors and their loved ones since my site has much more about writing and my day-to-day life.

        I’d love for you to check it out. I will also link to you from there. Have a wonderful weekend!


        1. Hi Angela,
          Thanks for linking on your site. Love what you are doing- will have to interview you for my Change Warrior series 🙂 when I get it back up and running. Having a healing weekend

  3. Hello Joy,

    Thank you for your affirmation for my work and what I believe in. It’s awesome that we share the same thoughts about loving ourselves. I resonate with what you’ve said in your comment on so many levels. I’m certain that you’d enjoy my book!

    With love,

  4. Wonderful interview. I absolutely adore Evelyn and the work she is doing. She has a knack for sharing the message of abundance and love. I haven’t had a chance to read Self Love Secrets, but I did read Abundance Alchemy and it was jam packed with great advice and excellent stories. I’m looking forward to reading Self Love Secrets.

    1. Hi Eric,
      Yes do pick up a copy, like Abundance Alchemy there are wonderful stories as well as tips and tools you can use.

  5. Suzie,
    Thank you for sharing this interview with Evelyn!

    Your energy is radiant! I love your work..all that you share is so life affirming..wonderful tools to create with in this moment! I haven’t read this book, but had read your series; self love is essential in my life..I realize that when I create from an overflowing well of love, peace, and gratitude all that I share is then nurturing and enriching for those whom I share with. When I am at peace, I am fully tapped into flow..

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