Believe in you

Do You Believe in You?


Believe in you

 When we believe we can and take action on that belief we can soar and shine out light for all the world to see.

We regain lost confidence, we heal, we drop the fear and the what if this or maybe that.

When we let go and believe, we can then star in our own lives and  create a ripple effect of change. It’s tweetable

Today’s video content came to me in a meditation and I know it relates to my power word for this year COURAGE

Share in the comments what happens when you do believe in you?  

Maybe you have a tip to share that will help others step up and shine

Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful

 Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More Joy ♥ More Love ♥ More Abundance ♥

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55 thoughts on “Do You Believe in You?”

  1. So true if we do not believe in our self we can have a trillion mentors.It took me some time to believe in myself. For a long time I was told a lot of negative things about myself. Of course it robbed me and blinded me to who I really was and what I was capable of. I struggled and did not really know how to did with it…but it was a little something in me that said I could and that I am who God said I could be…I pushed and pulled and brought some of the things that was buried under all that rubble forth. Long story short I flourished and beat the odds.
    Margaret recently posted…How to Naturally Detox Your BodyMy Profile

  2. Believing in ourselves is at the very core of everything we do! From how much we dare to put ourselves out into the world to how much we give of ourselves in relationships ~ it’s all directly proportional to how much we believe in us. I didn’t get much self belief instilled as a child and so I searched for it everywhere outside of myself as an adult. Then I came to the realisation that it comes from within. I’ve been on a wonderful journey of discovery ever since. I’m so grateful for you coming into my life and confirming that wonderful things happen when we just BELIEVE, much love xx
    Heather Bestel recently posted…How to Take a ComplimentMy Profile

  3. Believing in me is what make me strong, and give me the strength to come this far in my life. I stumble, but at the end I had always get more confidence in myself, no matter how hard things get. Thank you for this post!

  4. Hello Suzie, Aah the power of meditation ! Thank you for this writing. “Believing In Ones Self” is such a simple concept, but so challenging for many of us to put into practice. But, I guess that’s the key word – Practice, Practice, Practice. Love & Light! Phyllis

  5. When I believe in myself of course I feel better, BUT what always surprises me is that people around me feel better as well and this creates a sort of good and positive energy even with people I don’t know! You say each one of us has a gift inside, I think you are right, unfortunately we often forget about it, so this post is really a good reminder, thanks!

  6. Such a good message for me – finding that place of complete trust is sometimes challenging for me (ok, OFTEN challenging!) I’m moving towards it and trusting when the voice and power come to me. I find it’s something I not only have to work toward, but I have to them nurture it and sustain it. Like my inner balance, it’s not a permanent state for me but something I strive for. Living with truth takes practice!

  7. Suzie,

    What a great, empowering message! You know, sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We don’t recognize the tremendous power we have within ourselves to pursue our desires. Your message is such a wonderful reminder to let out what is inside of us! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Beautiful video, Suzie. When I believe in myself, it doesn’t matter how tough times may be, I know that I can be proactive about working to bring things back into balance. I have the courage to step into my power and make things happen. It reinforces my self-confidence and personal power, and my level of self-love improves accordingly. Thank you so much for the reminder in such a beautiful way. I love the sparkly writing about shining, etc It made me smile big time 🙂
    Shan recently posted…In Honour of Our AnimalsMy Profile

    1. So True Shan,
      When we believe in ourselves we find the courage to push through. Your comment delighted me thank you, I love it when a post sparks something in another ♡♡♡

  9. Beautiful, once again, my friend. This exact thing is why people think that change is difficult. They take someone else’s plan for change and try it on. That’s like trying to fit into a pair of your friend’s pants …just because they’re your friend!

    Our lives, our dreams, our advice …just like our pants… needs to fit US. To try to fit ourselves to some externally imposed idea of pants is a recipe for frustration.

  10. One way I bolster belief when facing a difficult situation is to tell myself that I’ll live to tell the tale. Not only does this reinforce my belief in making it through, it also relieves the pressure of having to know exactly everything upfront. I set off on a journey rather than trying to create a specific end.

    One of the most vulnerable steps we can ever take is to shine more of who we are. Knowing we’ll ‘live to tell the tale’ musters the courage to step forward and creates the knowing we’ll be okay in spite of feeling hesitant and unsure.

    Thanks for bringing this important point forward Suzie.
    Lorraine recently posted…Tired Of Being Tired And Facing The UnknownMy Profile

  11. Heather Bromley

    I love this, thanks Suzie, A great reminder to believe in ourselves and not rely so much on the external xxx

  12. Suzie,
    My self belief is not always at my side … has a break from time to time. When my Self Belief is active however, bells ring, stuff gets done. And it comes so easily.
    Most “problems” are in our heads and are no where as difficult as you think. When you discard the problem aspect and believe that You can do things … things get done. At the end of the day, simply take action … and if you do get stuck, ask for help [which is a form of taking action in itself].

    Be good to yourself
    David Stevens recently posted…Your Life is already Electric – Simply plug in!My Profile

  13. Hi Suzie,

    What you explained in your video was great. We have such immense courage within us. It is there and always is and we need to let it out. Our power word also has an associated state with it. Let us continue to repeat our own power word and allow its corresponding state to help us make the most of life.

    Thank you.
    Hiten recently posted…Why It Pays To AskMy Profile

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