Yesterday Notes from the Universe resonated with me. I had had a day when i had lost energy so when I read this last night it was uplifting and I decided to share it on Facebook.

I thought I’d tell you how powerful you are, but would you believe… I couldn’t find the words?
They do not exist. Can you feel it? – The Universe

This morning when I checked into facebook I found that Jude Eastman from Stirring The Spirit Within. had added in

Neither is it possible for me to tell you, (insert your name), how courageous you’ve been, how beautiful you are, and how adored you will always be.

I then discovered that I was not the only one who the message had resonated with:

Facebook commentsso I headed over to Mike Dooley’s, Tut The Adventurers Club where many years ago I had joined, written out my To Do To Have and To Be list. and found the complete message. This was the first time I discovered that the the complete message was on the site.


I then explored the site, updated my To Do, To Have and To Be and plan to log in later this week  and make a new vision board. What a wonderful resource the TUT club is, there is a forum. you can have your own blog and I was delighted to read that in 2012 that Mike Dooley will be coming to Australia.

Todo To Have To Be

Do you get Notes from The Universe delivered to your inbox Monday to Friday?

Live in abundance, be the change and make a difference TODAY!

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  1. I like your Be Do Have list. I am adding your #7 to my own list 🙂
    After reading your post, I visited a friend who I regularly visit. I noticed an inspirational saying that she had taped on her door. It had been there for months, but I had not noticed it until today. Its message was exactly what I needed to focus on today. Weird how that stuff happens – weird and cool!
    see you at #blogboost.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for dropping by. yes Joy is so important- what was the message on your friends door?
      Yes being in sync is awesome- the universe matches your vibrations

  2. Suzie,
    How wonderful and what a gorgeous gift from the Universe!
    It’s so uplifting and empowering to read that.
    And how amazing to find your own ‘Note from the Universe’ ~ so powerful to see it written and to read it.
    Have a totally amazing and renewed rest of your week.
    Heather x

    1. Hi Heather,
      Yes they are beautiful and so often they are just the lift one needs or affirmation of what you are doing is great. It was such a gift to discover the message is longer and more complete on the site.
      Have a great week too, you are so powering ahead

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