Why Forgiveness Opens Your Heart To Love.

Are you holding onto “stuff” from your past that you thought you had forgiven yourself for?

Last week while I was having a NLP session several memories from 11 and 12 years ago surfaced. These were events I thought I had let go of and people I thought I had forgiven completely.

I discovered there were still some negatives lurking in the subconscious. I know through The Journey I had done lots of forgiveness both of others and of myself. So I was surprised to find these old hurts reappearing, including still some lack of total forgiveness of myself for past mistakes.

It did explain some of my hesitation in putting me and my work out there. The subconscious is amazing.

When we hold onto to our mistakes, or our so called failures  we stop ourselves from shining. I have also found that in not forgiving myself I have limited my life in so many ways.  The past can’t be changed as Oprah reminds us.


Now it is time for me to give my subconscious permission to truly forgive myself. I am going to restart a daily practise that I used during my healing journey.The ancient Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Practice. Today’s episode of Suzie TV shares this forgiveness exercise.

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself – Suzanne Somers

 10 Forgiveness Quotes from Suzie, Gandhi and Tertullian

And a Prayer that helps the forgiveness process too:


Join the conversation below and share how you forgive you!

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Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful


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23 Responses

  1. Dear Suzie,

    I practise ho’oponopono and read book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale, but still I am not able to forget past mistakes sins and worried whether it will pop up and tarnish my image. How to get rid of it.


    1. Hi Ram,

      Yes forgiveness is a big issue and often stops us shining. You have to start with self love, yes loving you and as you have just opted in you will have access to a meditation. Getting real clarity on what you really really want also helps. Sometimes we have emotional blocks that stop us from forgiving ourselves too. Start with baby steps Suzie

      1. Thank you for the response. Did not get on baby steps. I continuously chant ho’oponopono, will it help.


  2. Suzie, what a wonderful piece
    I used forgiveness to stop my addiction to sugar, its very powerful
    when I forgave myself for all the ways I have mistreated my body over the years it was only then I realised that I had a massive addiction to sugar.. I was able to use this forgiveness to go further into self love and stop eating processed sugar
    wonderful x

    1. Thanks Sam,
      I love that both you gave up sugar- your body will love you for that- imagine you also have more energy too. amazing what stops the self-love process
      namaste xo

  3. Forgiveness is so vital to our health and well being Suzie. I’m glad it’s a focus this week. As your other commenters have pointed out, it isn’t a one off process. Taking stock of what would be helpful to release on a daily basis keeps us tuned up on the forgiveness scale and eliminates those toxic feelings that only end up poisoning us.

    Great post. 🙂

    1. Thanks Elle, yes so true about those toxic feelings poisoning us and so often we are not aware. Yes it is an ongoing daily habit that also helps keep out lives on the abundance path

  4. I find foregiveness is a constant practice as new things pop up according to the evolution of our soul. I see it when I read peoples charts in my astrology readings. Love that you mention Ho’oponopono – a fabulous practice. I think I need to do this again 🙂 Lovely post my friend.

    1. I like that Louise – that things pop up according to the evolution of our soul. Interesting, so stuff like I had from the past that i thought I had forgiven is here for another purpose, to help us move on and step up and out of that memory? ♡♡♡

  5. Hello Suzie,
    Forgiveness really is a process. As I continue to grow, learn and heal in my life, work and relationships – I have come to appreciate that forgiveness is an act of self care. “With forgiveness comes acceptance” – Suzie. Acceptance of self, acceptance of others, acceptance of the truth. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. – Peace & Blessings! , Phyllis

    1. Phyllis,
      How true and yes I too like “With forgiveness comes acceptance” – Suzie. I was amazed at how the quotes just flowed. I agree when we accept ourselves we know that we have turned a corner on our path to true self-love

  6. Suzie, I always take away food for thought when I visit your site. Maybe this can be my theme for the week — I’ll watch the self talk to make sure I stay on the right path. Thank you for this thoughtful article.

  7. Well said Suzie. When I was younger I had to go through a period of learning to forgive my parents – what for doesn’t matter – but there are support groups for this kind of thing. In fact I attended one – just once – and it was seeing all of these people carrying such pain around with them every day that was the catalyst that enabled me to finally forgive and move on. Forgiving someone (including yourself) doesn’t mean you condone the behavior – maybe whatever it was the person did the best they could at the time. Or maybe circumstances compelled you to make a poor judgment call. Whatever, that mistake or behavior does not have to define you as a human unless you choose to let it.

    1. Hi Marty, That is so true about forgiveness, i know in The Journey process the important thing is forgive the person, even though you may not condone the behaviour- something as I wrote this sent off a little alarm bell. thanks for your perceptive comment ♡♡♡

  8. Ahhhh forgiveness….that complex and elusive subject Suzie. Very courageous post 🙂 Hmmmm, I did extensive work years ago too..funny how those niggiles resurface…My mantra is self-fogiveness is my bridge to wholeness…Deep bow sister ♥

  9. I have done a lot of work in this area.. especially in forgiving myself… but also in continuing to forgive those who continually seem to carry old offences. I love Oprahs quote because that is so true.. We cannot change what happened.. only forgive and move on. Easy to say. Hard to do .. I believe impossible to do without God. Great reminder today

    1. Hi Terry, yes God is important as we forgive and as we are grateful too. I am wondering as i read the comments here if we maybe can make forgiveness easy and see the process as becoming simple and easy. I think our hearts would love that. ♡♡♡

  10. Suzie, Lovely article… I find that forgiveness work is one of those spirals; I keep getting new and deeper opportunities to forgive, and forgive, and forgive… And the more I forgive others, the more I find myself at the core… and so I can begin to forgive myself for my oh-so-human flaws, mistakes, and frailties.

    Love and gratitude,

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for your comment, spirals- they have been coming up in my recent paintings. I think that is so true about forgiveness, the more we forgive others and events the closer we become to the god within ♡♡♡

  11. Forgiveness…….so easily typed…..spoken and in the beginning of the process so difficult to admit and unravel. You’ve tackled a whammy of a subject Suzie…..but a subject that has to be addressed in each and every person alive.

  12. Thanks, Suzie, for your very interesting article. It is very timely for the forthcoming Lenten Season. If one forgives oneself for the things that she has gone wrong, it is easy for her to forgive others.

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