Today I am grateful for being present with what is, knowing how blessed I am to be alive. from today on I will appreciate each moment with delight.

perspectiveYesterday was the monthly visit time to the Renal Specialist – good results on the kidney function now at 68% and my blood levels good and I do celebrate that. It makes my heart sing. I then had a rather emotional time with being told that the new medication I am on, Imuran (Azathioprine) combined with the Prednisolone would continue for 1 year and 6 months respectively- This was not my picture and something I am not comfortable with.

So yes I cried most of the way home, that was good as I had been experiencing an emotional numbness. I then talked with Des and my wonderful friend Stephanie. Their words of wisdom reinforced me how blessed I was. As Stephanie reminded me the Doctors have never had anyone like me so they don’t know what to do with me. Most people who get concentric glomerulonephritis do end up on dialysis, in need of a kidney transplant and some die. They are basing everything on results and what is written about what has now been called Anca negative nephritis which the doctor keeps impressing on me is serious.

Last week I did embrace for the first time the fact that I could have died, something I had chosen not to even think about.  The medical profession that I am dealing with have no room for self-healing, holistic or any other alternatives even though they are still surprised at my initial recovery which astounded them. I will be ever grateful to Dr S for the action he took back on July 16th as even though risky it probably saved my life and has has me free of dialysis and I AM ALIVE.  I need to find the balance between fighting the Drs and believing in miracles. I will continue for the next 3 months with the medication and at the same time continue with my own self-healing work that I do daily. I believe that more miracles will emerge. 🙂

I  then had a do nothing much afternoon, went to meditation at Temples of Light, always an uplifting, vibe raising session. We meditated under a pyramid with crystals: a new experience for me and I felt quite grounded. That helped me to got everything back in perspective and  I wrote the words that begin this post. I then read  a blog post on Getting through Tough Times which is inspiring on how others cope when things get tough.

What do you do when faced with a life threatening situation?

Today’s Intuitive Heart Painting


My heart opens and allows my light to shine- Suzie


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  1. Suzie you are such an inspiration to all of us. I can truly relate to some of the things you shared as I felt some of the very same things this past year – LIFE IS a blessing and sometimes we need a good scare to put everything in perspective.

    I know all this Health stuff and the uncertainty of it all makes one feel crazy at times. But YOUR positive attitude and having so many to stand with you in agreement for 100% recovery… is a HUGE plus!

    I am so sorry you are going through all of this, but I know and can see that you are going to turn this experience into something special that will not only bless you, but bless everyone you come in contact with.

    I do encourage you to follow the Doctor’s orders (I know you will) while at the same time being proactive and researching in order to understand what is going on. I find I do better when I understand what is going on! The guessing is enough to send one into a tizzy! You are so blessed to have such FANtastic Doctors! THIS IS… VERY IMPORTANT!

    Ultimately in the end… the true gift is that YOU ARE HERE and ARE getting better ~no matter how long it takes! YOUR positive and powerful attitude may be the driving force of ALL the miracles! Much ♥ to you & Des.

    Happy Thanksgiving.. WE have a LOT to be grateful for this Thanksgiving!


    1. Hi Roz,
      Just found all these comments today- my blog did not get a look in while I was in hospital and now this precedes what will probably be my next blog post thank links back to this.
      yes I do have so much to be grateful for, yes my positive attitude – I do have my mojo back, great support as you mention, Des, loads of love, a great hospital nearby , the beach, the sun, great drs, medicine that heals fresh food- wow what i list and on it goes
      Thanks Roz- love you, your support and your friendship and yes I am a miracle-
      Lots of love

  2. Hi Dear Suzie,

    I am so delighted to hear your good news. I am very familiar with that apparent dilema between the doctors and the belief in miracles.

    And what if the universe delivered the exact right doctors for you to your side at this time? You might find another piece of the miracle by viewing them as gifts as I think you regard the Dr. S you mentioned.

    You are free to do as much spiritual healing as you want to regardless of what the doctors say or do. It would not surprise me at all if you went in for a check up and they were all astounded again as you recovered much more rapidly than they thought possible.

    Peace,love and light,
    PS I always enjoy seeing your lovely paintings.
    PSS Please tell Des I think he is a prince and it is so wonderful to know he is at your side.

    1. Hi Columbia,
      love your comments, just this very moment i am siding with your comment that they will again we surprised- i have worked out that the challenge with the specialist is he hasn’t had a case like this and really at this point is administering by the book not from his heart or in relation to mine. I am blessed that i have a GP who shows compassion and understanding and on Monday I am having a spiritual healing that I believe will empower me and even release a blockage-having a very slow Saturday
      with love and in abundance

  3. Suzie, you are such an inspiration as to what’s possible. I love what Stephanie said and agree: the Doctors have never had anyone like you so they don’t know what to do with you. She is a very wise woman and so are you!

    Imagine stepping into all of your power and being the teacher who heals these doctors from their blindness to the possibilities for self-healing, holistic and other alternative therapies. What if you were the catalyst for change that showed them the way? What would that mean to you to know how your *** long named disease *** was wake up inspiration for them too. You are truly a miracle and they know that. I imagine they’re looking to you as their guiding light also.

    I’m so pleased to hear you continue to mend and look forward to sharing your ease and joy in life real soon! Keep shining!


    1. Hi Debra,
      You have bowled me over as well as inspired me. I love that picture you have. I am sitting here picturing the look on the specialists face when I give him a copy of Love, Medicine and Miracles by Dr Bernie Siegal- he hugs his patients and suggests patients start doing the same.
      You have made my heart sing
      I so appreciate you
      love and hugs

  4. Dear Suzie,

    I am new here. Came over from Harriet’s blog and realized that I was featured in her post with giants like yourself. Yes you are a giant in your own rights. Your fight with your conditions has inspired many, me included. Your pursuit of a balance between medical science and miracles is something to behold. My gut feel is to ignorebthe doctors when they start to limit your recovery. Humans are bigger than many things that medical science can think.

    I wish you the best and complete happiness for now. Till the next time we chat.


    1. Welcome Jimmy,
      You comments inspire and uplift me. I have decided all Drs need to read Bernie Siegal’s Love, Medicine and Miracles to get a broader perspective. Thanks for encouragement, it means a lot

  5. Hi Suzie,

    I am honoured to be in the group of readers who will be gaining insight and inspiration from you as you recover.

    It actually is very interesting to me as I have never been sick or in hospital for anything serious and always wonder how I would cope with it. Like you, I believe the body can heal itself with the correct environment and thought but I do wonder exactly what I would do if actually faced with the decision and with the medical profession not believing it.

    Not only will this insight into your recovery and journey enable me to support you in better ways, it will also give me the knowledge and strength if ever the situation occurs in my life.

    You are a true hero in my eyes and I love reading your words so keep them coming!

    Blessings and Love to you xox Trish

    1. Hi Trish,
      You are awesome and I really appreciate your support.Your comment reassures me that I do need to share more as it will help and empower others. I will keep the words coming. A hero wow, now that was not what I saw- love it when others see what you can’t see,
      Love and blessing to you Trish- you are a rock 🙂

  6. Hi Suzie,
    Wow, I’m so sorry you’re going through all this ‘toughness’.
    And how wonderful that you’re doing all in your power to self-heal.
    I’m glad my post {of bloggers} on Getting Through Tough Times came at a good time for you. Any bit of inspiration and help is a comfort.
    Your smile in your website photo is infectious. May that smile infuse your entire being with joy and may that carry you through your illness towards a healing – both inside and out, mind, body and soul.

    Oh and thanks for linking to my blog post.

    1. Hi Harriet,
      Thanks for visiting and i really appreciate you inspired comment, nice to meet you and your blog 🙂

  7. I have been fortunate enough to have not had any life threatening situation (yet?), but have had loved ones who have. And health issues for certain help put things in perspective. Sometimes I listen to people in the stores, or elsewhere, whining about some small issue. Please. Good luck with your continued recovery. 🙂

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