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Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.-Gloria Steinem CLICK TO TWEET

I thought I had come to love planning again this year. NO SO! I know to be successful I need a plan and I need to work the plan.

I have a brilliant planner and a wonderful vision for 2014. I even have my Golden vision board.


YET something is missing, I am not jumping out of bed each morning with joy, I haven’t been painting much either. I have done a new painting today, that you will see tomorrow if you subscribe to The Weekly Heart Whisper ezine.

So what’s missing?

Something has to change as I am so conscious, of having too many projects half-finished.

Well I had a little chat with my Heart today and I heard, what about your art? You seem to be hiding it away again and we would like to remind you of these words that Sonia Choquette wrote to you quite a while back now when you were doing her Heart’s desire course. So I went and reread these words:

Your soul’s deepest desire at this time is to move toward a solid sense of self worth, recognizing your particular ability to connect with people at the deepest level, especially understanding their pain and challenges. Your words have a special impact on others as they find you deeply calming and healing at the very core. You are here to learn to make money based on your own talents and not look to others to support you. If you do it will back-fire. You are here to find your inner powerhouse and discover and recognize your essential self worth. You are here to grow and nurture things and move away from all temptation toward any of the darker things in life. You do no have the nervous system this time ti work with trauma, drama, or any other dark force including all forms of addiction. Instead work on your gifts and value what you have to offer, including feeling prepared to charge for your valuable services. On the other hand, be generous. It will uplift your spirit and make you feel powerful. You are a natural champion of others and a true healer and artist. This is your purpose to uplift and create beauty. Sing. Grow. Beautify. Walk away from dark forces and energies, things that do not celebrate and uplift you.

I am still reflecting on these words and I do know it is time to let the world know how they can tap into my gifts, by owning my art and working with me through my writing and my coaching. One thing I need to do as a priority is to complete the setting up of my online sales system.

One way of bringing this all together in a way that doesn’t seem like planning to me is to give to give more scope to my imagination. To this end I have  got my pass for Jennifer Lee’s free 4th annual Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit  which starts on tomorrow on April 7th through April 18th. I know that her Right Brain Business plan is a visual delight and has helped to take her and many others into both “Moola Making Success” as well as making a difference.

Right Brain Business summit

I read through the summit program and thought yes I can get do this, okay it’s 5 am for me. but I am usually awake then. (That’s 10-11 am PT)

I liked the potential learnings that I can get from attending the summit. The 3 highlighted ones stood out for me. I am promising myself that I will not get distracted and as I have no budget for new programs I am safe!

Want to join me? Grab your Free pass here and get a bonus where Jen shares her experiences in getting to 6 figures with her mentor Andrea Lee.

Meet Jennifer here for some highlights from this week’s 2014 Video Summit. Some great tips

2014 Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit – Week 1 Highlights from Jennifer Lee on Vimeo.

Do you have a love or hate of planning?

Do share in the comments .

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Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful

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  1. I love this subject Suzie – and for the record I also love planning which is probably how I ended up in marketing during my travel industry career. The challenge I have is that I am definitely a big picture kinda gal – when it comes to the day to day minutia not so much. It’s one reason I keep my task list for the day in the corner of my laptop screen so that I always have my priorities right in front of me. One of my big goals for this year is to finally learn to let go enough to hire a couple of virtual assistants so I can focus on the creative stuff.

    1. Hi Marty,
      I am looking forward to reading when you let go and hire those VAS, Just yesterday as i was making a new sales page i thought I would love someone else to be doing this for me 🙂 I too am great on big picture and often too many ideas. I like your daily task list idea as I wrote them down and then often put it aside. Time for the postits on the screen

  2. Suzie, this is a wonderful article, and it landed right in my heart. Timely too, as I get closer to my month holiday — something I’m doing for the second time in my life!

    So glad to have read this, and will share it now.


    1. Thanks Sue, I love that it landed in your heart, I am delighted at the response as I was wondering as I wrote it where it would land. Have a wonderful holiday- now a one month holiday what a treat- you going to be unconnected? That would be hard for me Have fun xx

      1. Susie, unplugged? Hardly! I’m bringing my iPhone (of course), my iPad and my laptop. And taking a break from writing. Using technology for fun and photography…

        I expect any posts I make will be visual. I intend to be making ephemeral art and taking lots of iPhone photos, which I will share.

        Much love to you!

  3. Hi Suzie,
    Ahh, here’s a difference between us. I LOVE to plan. When I was little, I was always the slowest kid when building with blocks. My buildings always had symmetrically-placed doors and windows while my peers would get up to the roof and discover they’d forgotten them. The trouble was, I often ran out of time and had to leave my stuff half finished because I was too thorough. I learned that neither approach is better than the other–but things can work really well when you pair people together with different strengths. So you and I could be a dynamic team! I appreciate people who hate to plan because you’re usually the catalysts getting serious stuff done. Love your work, as usual, Suzie.

    1. Susan I used to love to plan especially when I had my textile biz and fitted in study etc. I also had sewers and cutters . Wow what a brilliant idea, now my mind will be thinking what can we do together 🙂

  4. Thanks, Suzie, for your article on planning, which is the key to achieving goals and future security. It is true that with it, an individual needs to think BIG and leverage one’s creativity and experience.

  5. Hello Suzie,
    I so appreciate your willingness to share with your readers not just your successes and achievements as a business owner, artist and coach – but the inner challenges you have and are encountering along the way. Your beauty, your colors, your words inspire me. Have A Pleasant Day!, Phyllis

    1. Your are such an inspiration Phyllis, thank you, you make my heart sing. Yes i feel that sharing the challenges keeps me in integrity and helps me to heal myself and others xx

  6. Suzie,
    The summit sounds very interesting! I love your vision board, by the way. I’m a planner by nature so letting go of an idea can be very tough.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Suzie your posts always inspire me and this one really has me thinking of the things I have put on the back burner. Thanks for helping me to prioritize what needs to be done, what can be put aside and what makes my heart sing 😉

    1. Delighted Melissa,
      I love it when my post calls you both to be inspired and to take action. Since writing this I know that a lot of what I have been doing doesn’t have my heart singing. More art and more healing xx

  8. Suzie you are such a bright spark in my world. And I totally get the need to manage life with as little formal planning as possible! You are such an inspiration….What a great idea for right brain thinkers…I suspect there’s a lot out there. Sounds like something that would be good for me to pay attention to. 🙂

    1. Elle, i think we are her to light the world with our positive writing and being. Yes I today was inspired when i watched the replay as i had got the time wrong! Wish i could let go of the planning, that saying fail to plan, plan to fail keeps popping up!
      Love Suzie xx

  9. Hi Suzie,

    There was so much I loved in this post–your vision board, the statement that you reread for inspiration, and the video you shared about right-brained, creative business. Truly inspiring! 🙂


    1. Thank you Christina my heart is singing I love it when my sharing inspires others. It is also a great reminder for me to share more
      love and peace
      Suzie xx

  10. The part that really stood out to me was in the quote, about walking away from dark forces and things that don’t uplift the spirit. My need right now is to eliminate the clutter in my daily routine because it deadens me, drags me down. It’s not drama or trauma, but it’s like a little army of bugs that nibble away at me and end up creating holes in my spirit. Maybe some mixed metaphors there – but that’s the feeling!

    1. Hi Judy,
      We should support one another. My clutter is both physical and emotional. On Sunday we started on the bedroom, given that has been my office for the past 30 months it had lost it’s spark. clutter gone, everything clean needs some fengshui now and what I love is that instead of dumping things on a chair or free surface i have room to put things away and discovered some treasures too. Then we rewarded ourselves and watched a movie. Felt good.
      The lounge/office and the studio will be wonderful to do.
      I understand the holes in the spirit, I have experienced that lately along with actually feeling creepy crawlies on my skin- imagination in action I now know.
      wishing you the arrival of a clearing spirit to lift you
      love Suzie xx

  11. Hi Suzie, I actually LOVE planning, even though lately I let Spirit direct me each day by asking, How Can I Serve? I love your quote from Sonia and how you’re building synergy between your art and business! Signed up for the Right Brainers Business Summit. Ready for even more inspiration. Hooray! Love, Martine

    1. Hi Martine,
      you light up my morning, and I have just listened to Michael Port so I am fired up. I too have been asking each day how may i serve and right now it has me being more patient about moving forward. Yes Sonia’s quote that i had buried has me focused on as Jenn Lee would making Moola plans. I got the time conversion wrong- i may just get on one of the live calls- it’s 3 am down under not 5 as i thought.
      love Suzie xx

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