Be Open To Receiving 



I am open to receiving the message that deepens my connection with the God within as we start the new week.

The MESSAGE for the week is

BE OPEN to the whispers that come to you from your heart.

Listen to and call on your angels, (your higher self, the God within) they have a message for you.

They are reminding you to let go of of your “IT’S NOT QUITE READY”  thought ( instead of “ready”, insert “done”, “complete”, “right”, or whatever speaks to you.)

Yes that perfection streak that has you doubting your CONFIDENCE.

When you do let go you will move into being in FLOW.
That’s when  you will expand and your desires will begin to manifest.

The wanting to know HOW stops you being in the flow with ease and grace.

Today take time to meditate, visioning your desires – yes create the abundance list, read it daily and add to it.

Journal on how that makes you feel.

Really listen and follow the whispers and the nudges you receive.

I know for me, I got a nudge to take time out at the weekend.

I went for a long walk, rested and read a novel, cooked a yummy baked cauliflower with spinach and kale.


Then watched a program on TV with Des and had an early night with my novel- yes romance novels are my escape 🙂

Sometimes you have to step away from social media, Facebook, the computer, and more, to recharge your batteries.

I did that yesterday.

I’m writing this sitting on the beach.

I’ve been journaling, meditating and sitting in stillness in my happy healing place.

After a late brunch I will spend some creative time in my studio, then a  beach walk with Des.

Then time to plan the week ahead so I don’t just let it happen.

Yes making a plan for the week is so important so life doesn’t just happen to me.

Make sure you put in time for your morning rituals, inner work that we need to do to move forward with our business, our health, our money, our relationships and more.

Yes take time to prioritise you.

When I do, this stops my friend procrastination dropping in.

Yes I have had to make some mindshifts here.

Some serious consciousness shifting has been happening , especially around wealth and prosperity.

So worth it.

This morning I woke up excited for the day and the week ahead.

Life is changing quickly now and I am loving it.

In my current online business 90% of the work I currently do is the inner work, yes on me, yes my growth and only 10% is a strategy.

This is the total reverse to what I have been told I must do or have done in the past.

I know at first I thought I won’t have to do the inner work.

This will be a breeze.

After all I have been a personal development expert for years. Mind you, I have always been great at helping others change more quickly that I maybe did.

Des often says well you taught me that, especially around my language. 

As they say you teach what you need to learn. LOL

Now I am loving what I am learning and being part of a supportive heart centred community tops it off.

Now I am off to plan the rest of my week with love and joy

Yes to make sure I am moving forward and not taking a step forward and 2 steps back, round and round! 🙂

Wishing you a magical week ahead

With love and abundance

Suzie xx

PS Ready to put you and your life first? Message me r comment yes below


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20 Responses

  1. When I entered my 60’s, the phrase “I’m #1” took on a whole new meaning. I make sure to give myself at least one, if not more, days off to recharge and to listen to my spirit!

    1. Barb i love that “I” took on a whole new meaning. I think my true awakening was when i got the message that I will be healed when I fully love myself 7 years ago- yes also in my 60’s yet bought Lousie Hays book back in my 30’s- slow learner 🙂

  2. Such an important topic for anyone, especially young people. I can’t imagine my life had I read this message and embraced it as a teenager, Suzie.
    Have you ever thought of working with or teaching with schools? The thought just POPPED!

    1. I used to be a preschool teacher and then a trainer of Child Care Workers in a college before I fully embraced my creative spirit and my self-love and abundance work.
      There is a heart whisper deck of cards coming and maybe some books, Haven’t heard the whisper to return to teaching 🙂

  3. I love the journal prompt and the invitation to listen to the inner whispers of my guides/angels/spirit while not focusing on the ego screaming, “it’s not ready yet!” Refilling the creative well is a priority that I sometimes neglect to my detriment. Great post!

    1. Welcome Debby, you made me laugh with the ego screaming, “it’s not ready yet!”, Thank you I also neglect that refill of my creativity and just today got a nudge to return to my textile work. Thanks for joining the conversation. xxoo

  4. I appreciate the reminder to read my abundance list! Great insights and tips in this piece, Suzie – doing the inner work, making a plan for the week, and getting our downtime. All resonate especially with me.

  5. I started the practice years ago Suzie…of choosing tomorrow’s experiences the previous day…though sometimes I do forget! But I never forget my evening affirmations for all the good and yummy things life has on offer, waiting for me to simply say yes. Thanks for the great reminder.

    1. My Pleasure Elle, and I have slipped on the evening planning practice and shifted to the morning which I sometimes miss and now I am thinking time to bring that back. thanks for sharing xxx

  6. I absolutely agree about prioritising self-care and personal growth. Also I agree that it is important to step away from social media when we need to recharge. Developing offline social connections has been top on my list lately.

    1. Love that Evelyn and offline is something that i am beginning to do more of too this year.Yes stepping away is empowering I find and recharges you. xo

  7. I did not prioritize myself at all for decades. Then, after my brain injury, it was a necessity to an extreme. Now, I figure I’m back somewhere in the middle. Some days I could do better and some days I could do worse. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I know that feeling Debbie. it is amazing how illness and injury change that and one is almost forced to make you a priority to heal. I am like you not perfect , but I do tame me time everyday now. xxoo

  8. One of my intentions for 2018 was to make myself a priority and set up stronger boundaries to keep time wasters out, Suzie. I have been supported in maintaining the intention well into the second half of the year by my family who remind me when I need to step back and take a time out.

    So the answer to your question is a Yes in capital letters!

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