Fear is Just Energy

When I opened igoogle * this morning these words caught my attention: Fear is Only Energy. I have been following David  and Kristin Morelli on the Enwaken blog. David uses his intuition daily to make decision in his life that have enabled him to become very successful. I love the free tools he has shared with me to develop my intuition to a higher level

Does  fear stop you achieving your dreams? Watch and listen to David give you a tip to help you work through your fear.

Well now you have heard this tip, how will you apply it to your life? I know that I have a dream I wrote out over 6 months ago that fear has stopped me. Maybe I knew this video was coming as when I planned my blog posts for the week I have it written down that I will be sharing my vision as part of following through on the next steps of The Passion Test. I love that when you do get on purpose, the universe works in sync with you. I love it, the Law of Attraction is in ACTION.

So will you do as Susan Jeffers wrote:Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway?”

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*igoogle is the google tool I use  to have on one screen the places online I wish to access quickly. It is a time saver and saves my desktop from looking chaotic.

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8 Responses

  1. Fear can be a show-stopper, no doubt. The best advice is to close your eyes and go for it! I know, not always easy, but always well-worth the effort!

  2. Thank you for this video moment. As with lots of things just walking through the learning curve will help get us past the fear and bring us closer to our dream.

  3. You bet fear is energy! I run like @8*^# when I see a mouse. I'm not overly anxious to get in touch with this fear. I don't know if death is really worth it. lol

    Love the post… Thanks Suzie

  4. Hi Mj,
    Wow that was facing you fear and I know that one. What I have found for me is as I have learned to love myself more, raised my self esteem, sstopped beating myself up- yes I have done that more times than I would like to recall. I have friends plus my soulmate and coacheds that often remind me to be kinder to me.
    As I have taken that on board and really worked on my inner being, listened to my intuition and stop seeking so much approval it is earier to fteo into the fear- remember this is what fear is
    As you learn to love yourself and love what you do- it is much easier to step[ into that so called fear,
    Let me know if I can help

  5. Suzie,
    As weird as it sounds I am afraid to reach out to people, to ask for help or tell them I am lonely. Part of it is a fear that I will be burden, so I stay closed off, with only a very very few knowing the real me.

    I want to be a better friend. I want to reach out to others and have them reach to me. Thank you for this much needed post. ~ MJ Schrader

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