Have You Crushed It Today?

Gary VCrush It by Gary Vaynerchukaynerchuk’s lives his passion.  I know when I first received the book Crush It I found myself reading the book into the early hours of the morning. Gary’s story is engaging and how he has mastered Social Media made me realize I had been just playing at the edges.. His book Crush It has changed my life and has me being very focused on following my passion, doing what makes my heart sing and will inspire and empower others to live a life full of passion, live large and dream bigger dreams.

So are you living your passion?

Have a deliciously abundant day

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Yes I know I am not centered in the video- I thought about remaking it as my head went off screen and then decided to let my perfectionist side have a holiday.

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  1. I got this book recently and it is AWESOME!!!!!!!! It was so cool to find another who has it and loves it!!

    Very nice blog by the way. =)

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