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The Focus Heart Whisper Oracle Card for This Week is Passion

When I drew this card  I took out my journal and these questions flowed onto the pages of my journal………

What is your true passion? 

What drives you to live fully from your heart?

What is it that feeds your soul?

I wrote:

Setting others on fire by the joy that comes when they

♥   truly love themselves.

♥   Know that they are enough

♥   step into their power each day

This empowers you and me and in turn empowers the world. This creates ripples of love which comes when we have inner peace and joy is our daily way to be.

If We All Came From Love…..

If we knew we were at peace within

Just Imagine how beautiful the world would be….

This is magic, this is my passion, what drives me to live from my heart each day and feeds my soul.

So start today with loving you. This is the first step.

 I get my clients to do is the morning mirror exercise  in the bathroom each morning and to really reinforce it, do it at night too.  This is what I have on my bathroom mirror. I Love you-mirrorwork

Yes this can be difficult when you first start, especially if judge yourself. You know the inner critic. Start by looking into those beautiful eyes of yours. Focus on your eyes and say I love you……. ( put your name here). One of my clients said recently to me that it was getting easier. She found it very challenging when she first started.

Here is an image you can download and use as a screensaver to remind you to repeat these 3 words daily. 


and some words for your journal.

My heart is whispering I love me,
I am so grateful for me
I am a blessing to myself
and the world
Today I will be gentle with me
Today I will allow myself to shine
I will listen to my heart’s whispers and know that
I am beautiful and I am love

How would you answer the 3 passion questions?


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All my love

 Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful
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