Learning to Trust


Recently I found this piece of paper tucked away in a pile of papers. It had been written by Elizabeth who I had met a a Doreen Virtue Angel Intuitive weekend where we were both assisting, back  about 5 years ago.  I had gone to see her for a reading. I had the reading and at the time she suggested I do a reiki course and then wrote the words above on the paper.

Then today I drew this card  from the 1288931785New BeginningsArchangel Michael Oracle Cards when I did my morning Angel Card reading: New Beginnings and a Fresh Start. The prayer on the card  reads:

Thank you for bringing new opportunities and offering support, and for helping me to release and heal my past. Fill me with trust as I experience life changes.

As I read this and the message from the  guidebook I was conscious of how aligned this was to this stage of my life.

I am living more from my heart and the lizard brain is getting less airing.

I would love to heart how you have moved into living from your heart?

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    1. That is so true Alex and this weekend I have had a bog reminder of this. How much better I serve myself and the world when I do this 🙂

  1. Hi Jeanne,
    So happy to have inspired you- and yes the head or as Seth Goden calls it our lizard brain needs training to learn to live from and listen to our heart- Learning to TRUST has been and still is one of my big learnings

  2. It is one thing to KNOW to lead from the heart, and it is another to DO it. Lately, my head has been winning the battle, but, your message was a great inspiration to remind me to use the heart. I think I need to exercise the heart living alot more. and TRUST more!
    Thanks for your message.

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