Do You Have A Daily Gratitude Practice?

Does it empower your business?

Karen Palmer recently  interviewed me on Blab on Spiritually Social Gratitude for Business. It is a fun interview ( 30 minutes). We shared our daily gratitude practices and I am so grateful that Karen asked me in the Visionary  Female Authors group on facebook who was on Instagram? That led to my saying that I was looking to do a gratitude session on Blab.  Karen took action and a few days later we had a fantastic session. Listen below to hear more.

 How gratitude has played out in my life this week:

Raise your vubes

oracle cards

What are you grateful for this week? Did this help you and your business grow?

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all my love

from my ♡ to yours ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥

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  1. I’m so happy (and grateful) to hear about all the wonderful things that are happening for you right now. This week? I’m grateful to a friend and well-known author who agreed to write a foreword for my new book and for the social media friends who helped me figure out what it should be called. Gratitude is the attitude that is most comfortable and effective in my life. Thank you for being part of my community.

  2. How wonderful Suzie. Your art is truly something to be grateful for…I know it brightens my day every time I see your next masterpiece!

  3. Your art is so inspiring, Suzie. I love the colors and of course the hearts. Congrats on being among the 101 Best blogs! I agree that gratitude is always a good,thing, whether it is in our personal life or business. Thank you!

  4. Such a fantastic interview! Wow – Suzie thank you for sharing your amazing story of recovery and healing – I had no idea and it lends so much more weight to your teachings on gratitude, LOVE, and joy! xox, Reba

  5. Welcome Beverley, Love your story and Ascura sounds wonderful. The 365 day series I am curently doing came right from the heart and follows a series I started a my healing journey,
    Yes when we are grateful for the small things , magic happens, xxoo

  6. Congratulation on the 2016 “Guided Mind” 101 Reward – Awesome! I love the topic and the recording, and YES, living Gratitude is directly connected to your life and business successes. Without a doubt, living life in the vibration of Gratitude is the fastest way to joyful and fulfilling life. Hope more people will become aware of this truth. BTW, LOoove your art!

  7. Art literally saved my life when I was faced with a, “this could go either way”, health challenge. I’d say of all the things that have shown up for me in my own life that I’ve said yes to, Arscura – School for Living Art is one of the many that I will be forever grateful for. Seems we are so distracted in our daily lives that it has become important to become conscious of giving thanks for even the small things on a daily basis. And yes, I agree that being grateful would positively impact every area of your life.

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