Gratitude Opens the doors

My question today was

What will Power me forward today?

These words fell onto the pages of my journal before I meditated:

Get back to your art, work smarter, write your book

Then I drew the card GRATITUDE

Be in Gratitude

The message on the card is

Be grateful for

  • you,
  • your life,
  • your home
  • a fridge full of food
  • running water
  • eyes that can delight and see the wonder of nature, all the shapes, patterns and colours
  • my positive spirit
  • my creativity
  • my health
  • passion
  • family
  • friends
  • support
  • my oracle cards
  • my hands
  • my readers
  • my clients and customers
  • the beach
  • mother nature
  • the peace lilies flowering out the window as I write this
  • my worm farm that gives great fertilizer for my garden and saves landfill
  • letting go of past disappointments and disasters
  • being able to bounce back when I feel totally let down, yes even by a trusted friend or colleague- happened at the weekend!
  • seeing the gift when things go pear shaped  

And so much more I could add, I would be here all day 🙂

I start each day in gratitude when I wake and then I journal and from today I will use my gratitude rock each night to be thankful for at least one thing from my day, so I fall asleep in the arms of gratitude. I used to always journal at night, recently added it to my morning journaling.

What are you grateful for today? Does gratitude empower you?


Open your heart to LOVE: DARE to DREAM again!

all my love

Suzie xxx 

Live the Laptop Lifestyle
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Suzie Cheel works with Leaders and Entrepreneurs Is an award winning artist who has exhibited and sold her artwork in galleries and collections around the world Has a Masters degree in Applied Science Has worked with several 7 figure leaders, expanding their self awareness, self worth and guiding them onto their spiritual path Is the creator of the Heart Whisper Daily Guidance oracle cards, dubbed the Entrepreneur’s Essential Toolkit Is the author of Emergings - a meditation on the emotions of change
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  1. There’s merit in the saying ‘count your blessings’ Suzie, and I start my day with acknowledging the good things in my life and then again before going to bed. Gratitude does provide a buffer when dealing with difficult situations too.

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