Gratitude Opens the doors

My question today was

What will Power me forward today?

These words fell onto the pages of my journal before I meditated:

Get back to your art, work smarter, write your book

Then I drew the card GRATITUDE

Be in Gratitude

The message on the card is

Be grateful for

  • you,
  • your life,
  • your home
  • a fridge full of food
  • running water
  • eyes that can delight and see the wonder of nature, all the shapes, patterns and colours
  • my positive spirit
  • my creativity
  • my health
  • passion
  • family
  • friends
  • support
  • my oracle cards
  • my hands
  • my readers
  • my clients and customers
  • the beach
  • mother nature
  • the peace lilies flowering out the window as I write this
  • my worm farm that gives great fertilizer for my garden and saves landfill
  • letting go of past disappointments and disasters
  • being able to bounce back when I feel totally let down, yes even by a trusted friend or colleague- happened at the weekend!
  • seeing the gift when things go pear shaped  

And so much more I could add, I would be here all day 🙂

I start each day in gratitude when I wake and then I journal and from today I will use my gratitude rock each night to be thankful for at least one thing from my day, so I fall asleep in the arms of gratitude. I used to always journal at night, recently added it to my morning journaling.

What are you grateful for today? Does gratitude empower you?


Open your heart to LOVE: DARE to DREAM again!

all my love

Suzie xxx