Happiness #dailywhisperThe Daily Whispetoday came after I asked today how can I be truly aligned?

Happiness was the message today:

Then instead of writing today I decided to make the Daily Whisper at the beach.

This was my first morning walk on the beach in almost 10 weeks.  You know the beach is my happy place.  So the choice to be happy is a no brainer 🙂

Do you wake up each morning making the choice to choose HAPPINESS?

Here is my video from the beach (5.33 mins)

One of the things i do first thing in the morning is I check in with my joy meter to see what’s my joy level today?

Today i heard 89, seeing as my joy level used to be down at 70 when I first started this daily practice. This week it has been up in the 90s.
I thought thats great and then I said to Des, look the sun’s shining, it’s winter here, a bit hard to imagine with me in shorts and a tee shirt. There is a wind blowing so it is a little bit cool.

This is something that I have been missing.

This has been missing from my happiness routine. As most of you know I come to the beach every morning for a walk, but since I fractured my knee about 10 weeks ago.

When we choose to be happy we are stepping into our power, what I call the power of love. This means that we feel happy within in we know we are enough, we know we love ourselves fully, unconditionally and the more that we do that then we exude little bubbles of happiness out wherever we go.

So my question for you today is

How will you choose to be HAPPY TODAY?

I have woken up today with wonderful orders for the Heart Whisper oracle cards I will be shipping on Monday, around the world,

if you haven’t got you own set yet head on over to http://suziecheel.com/hworacle and get your set today.Heart Whisper Oracle CardsThat’s all for today
Everybody have a beautiful happy day


Open Your heart To The Power of LOVE : Listen, Heal and Prosper
Suzie xxx



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8 Responses

  1. A “joy” meter. Well, I’ll be darn. I never thought to take a “joy” meter reading. Besides, in the morning when I get up, I’ll take readings throughout the day to check-in as to where I’m at. Thanks, Suzie, for such a wonderful happiness idea.

  2. So beautiful to be in your happy place and on the beach looking and feeling alive. I have to admit, the beach gives me a happy feeling too…especially the ones in Maui. I don’t live there but really must return soon. In the meantime, I will be choosing to be in my happy place right where I am. Much love.

  3. I could not agree more with your point about happiness being a choice! I am normally an upbeat person anyway but one of my greatest blessings is my little dog, Lucy. She wakes me each morning, usually with some clown antic that has me laughing before I ever step foot off the bed. For such a little thing she has a larger than life personality that keeps me smiling all the time. Wishing you a joy filled day my friend!

    1. I am having a joy filled day Marty, thank you. I can just picture Lucy with one of her antics so magical and I used to have many years ago a dog that delighted my days. Maybe again one day I will live somewhere where we can have a dog. xxx

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