each-day-i-have-a-choice Do you choose to embrace happiness each day?

I asked the question: How do you choose to embrace happiness each day?on my facebook page on Monday in preparation for being a Happiness Crusader today. My inspiring friend Linda Joy is releasing her new book Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness featuring the soul-inspiring stories of 27 amazing women who share their intimate stories of transformation. Some of the women from the book shared on my page, how they embrace happiness each day.

There was one strong message that shone through for me from the answers. That was the importance of being grateful daily. Gratitude was one way many people embraced happiness.

Nadia Shana Krauss Gratitude for me is the magic ingredient. To be grateful for what is. To be okay with what is. To celebrate as is.

Robyn Mather writing a list of what I’m grateful for each morning helps keep me in the present moment. As that is when I’m most joyful.

Lore Raymond In my morning practice that I call (and teach) Divine Dialogue Writing, gratitude is a core part of the experience; I encourage women to write an “A-Z Gratitude List” which I’ve written almost morning for 8 years — it surely creates a happiness vibe to start each day.

Sue Kearney Suzie, my gratitude practice really helps. So does generosity. I don’t find happiness to be a natural state, still, although so much better than it used to be! Luckily I have practices that point me in the right direction!

Teresa Morrow For me, I stay (or get back ) in happiness by bringing in gratitude, which I can do at ANYtime and anywhere!

Debra Reble  ( who is one of the writers)I start with choosing to be grateful for whatever comes my way that day. I can be upset fearful or irritated or I shift my perspective on how I’m seeing the situation person or my life

Lisa Hutchison I write a gratitude list which focuses me on what I have and abundance!

Laurie Seymour When I stop feeling my life flowing, I stop, breathe and let the joy come back into my body. I feel gratitude in receiving my breath.

Rachel Kieffer With a list of gratitude every morning and pausing throughout the day to notice how blessed my life is.

Deb Ramski Coman Oh my gosh! I was going to say almost exactly what Debra said. I try to be grateful for what I have and focus on even the little things

Kimberly Moore One of my fave quotes that hangs over my desk is JOY is a choice and one that I make every single day! Gratitude lists, prayer, mantra and meeting life with positivity are the ways that I  facilitate this choice!


 Other ways  for embracing happiness was being present in the moment, focusing on the positive, changing thoughts, being present to the energy of joy, listening to one’s heart and more. Maybe one of these is something you would like to embrace daily?

Tomar Levine Just remembering to focus on the energy of joy, expansion, potential, inviting that in… gets me out of the thinking mind and into the feeling center and opens my energy field. It’s so easy to do! I also have statements, visions, affirmations written out that just by reading elevates my energy instantly. The more I do these and similar practices the more powerful the energy becomes.

Tiffany Russo Kane By listening to my heart and not my head. 

Shelley Lundquist I begin every day in meditation and walk every day spending time in nature. Both of these practices keep me feeling refreshed, balanced, clear, and in my happy place.

Teri Goetz by choosing to focus on what’s right, not what’s wrong. By having faith that all is as it should be and moving my feet in the direction I want to go.

Peggy Nolan  (another one of the writers) My morning ritual of yoga, affirmations, visualizations.

Beth Wilson With conscious intent to treat myself well in mind, body and spirit.

Sandra Pawula Starting each day in meditation and spending time in nature.

Wendy Krueger By focusing on the positive, no matter what is going on. Sometimes easier said than done

Sheila Callaham Shift to a better feeling thought!

Tess Marshall  By changing my thoughts. If they’re unloving I repeat…release. Relax.

Zeenat Merchant-Syal I choose happiness everyday by staying in the moment!


How do I embrace happiness each day?

I paint when I first get up, that makes my creative heart very happy, I meditate, draw an oracle card, journal, read and then I go to my happy place most morning, the beach. I usually make a green smoothie and this make my body happy. Then at night before I go to sleep I write 5 things I am grateful for. During the day, if you are feeling unhappy I recommend deep breathing – it lifts your happiness muscle. I actually do something called the breath of happiness>

happynessSo many ways to embrace happiness each day 🙂

Share how you are choosing to embrace happiness each day in the comments below.

Be sure to check out Linda’s new book, Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness and  grab your copy today.



with love and gratitude

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  1. I love this! It’s so important to be conscious of the choices we make each and every day, they really add up. I find that getting some fresh air really works for me, to lift my mood. My goal is to go out for a short walk a few times a day to recharge.

    1. Welcome Joanna
      thank you your comment makes my heart sing/ Love your goal- this morning I have walked on the beach for 40 minutes and my other goal is to walk at night with writs weights after dinner- sometimes that goes out the window !. Yes our choices change our happiness state xx

  2. So many great shares! Thank you! I am finding joy more often in creativity. One of my self-limiting beliefs was “I am not creative”. To silence that negative voice, I create. I find my happy place while enjoying my own company, meditating, doing yoga and dancing around my home.

  3. For me a morning mixture of reading, writing, meditation, prayer, contemplation, and Reiki sets the tone for a happy day. I attempt to shift my focus away from anything that makes me unhappy during the day…to anything I can feel happy about. Great question!

  4. Suzie, I LOVE your art! That definitely exudes joy and happiness!!!
    I choose to let joy be my guide as I travel through life and whenever faced with a choice or having to make a decision, I take a few deep breaths… feel into the choice at hand and notice how it feels in my body. If it feels uplifting and light, then that’s my indication to go for it.
    It often makes no sense at all yet I’m learning to trust my inner wisdom more and more;)
    Thanks for joining as a Happiness Crusader! I feel such joy and gratitude to have had the chance to share my story in this beautiful book.
    joyful blessings, Tina

    1. Hi Tina, , thank you. I think choosing joy as your guide is wonderful and there is no doubt in the power of breath to bring more joy.
      The more we trust our inner wisdom the more we are growing.
      Sounds like the journey of the book has been one full of joy

  5. Fantastic ideas on how to get happy!! Love it! I can’t paint like you do, but I do draw an Oracle Card, journal, and read uplifting books first thing in the morning. I also keep my Core Desired Feelings front and center in my life and make choices based on them. It truly helps to keep up the happy vibe! 😉

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